Mommy Daughter Nike Twinsies

What are your thoughts on “mommy and me” matching outfits?

I was fashionably tortured by my mother as a child who dressed me like a China doll  in fluffy handmade outfits through middle school, so I think I am a little over-sensitive to embarrassing my child with clothing. I consider myself a fashionable person and think I dress her very fashionably too, but there are times where I am not sure if I am crossing a line or if it is my handmade outfit PTSD kicking in that left me a very unpopular person in elementary school…. HAHAHA!!!

On a Nordstrom Rack haul the other day, I found her a pair of Nikes that matched mine so perfectly, and I just couldn’t resist. We wore matching purple leggings and Nike kicks out and about together on our normal Tuesday dance class and breakfast date.

My Lularoe obsession has led me to hunt down a few “mommy and me” sets of holiday leggings too, which we only wear around Halloween/Christmas.

So, what is your vote – cute/fashionable or something she will be embarrassed at me for later in life? I am curious to hear your opinion! 🙂


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