My Foodie TV Show Obsession – Chef’s Table (A Netflix Original Series)

When it comes to finding good TV shows to watch, I am largely a skeptic and don’t try new things often enough. I am typically the last one to the game when it comes to a trendy show… I didn’t start watching Breaking Bad until the show was entirely over if that tells you anything.

I am not a fan of documentaries either; the creative side of my brain is much stronger and enjoys very imaginative TV and entertainment. I couldn’t read a biography to save my life. There is just nothing about me that is intrigued by them normally, unless they are extremely well done.

So, it took me a little while to jump on this bandwagon. And holy crap am I glad I did.

Chef’s Table is a Netflix original series now in its 3rd Season. It is a documentary on the best chefs in the world, and their story of inspiration and coming into fame. Here are some stats on the show that might entice you:

The show is Emmy-Nominated. Watch once and you will totally see why.

11 of the chef’s featured own restaurants that made the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. The world guys. How many restaurants do you think are even out there??

Each episode features once chef and tells their full story – how did they grow up, what gave them inspiration, how they got started, trials and tribulations. It isn’t just a glance at them now that they are successful; it shows their whole journey.

These chefs aren’t just amazing; they are artists. The vision they have for food, and how to create an experience out of it is inspiring. The plates they create are so far advanced above anything I could ever dream up and take pure talent to execute.

Here is where you can find them on Netflix. Start binge watching NOW!

I am so inspired by the show that I have decided to blog through all the episodes, featuring a little post about each chef. These chefs are amazing people and their vision is pure genius. I hope to learn more about all of them and get some other foodies engaged on the way!!


*The cover photo from this post is borrowed from the Netflix website for Chef’s Table


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