Kirkland Uncorked – The Basics and Why You Should Attend

Kirkland Uncorked is a great Seattle-Area event that I have attended for years now, and absolutely love.

The event is relatively self-explanatory… the focus is tasting wine, and the event is hosted outdoors in the Downtown Kirkland Waterfront area. Kirkland Uncorked is a serious blast… there is TONS of wine to taste, food trucks to sample, live music, beer gardens and even fun events like a dog show and a floating boat show to enjoy!

In the past few years they have even spiced things up in regards to the food provided to make attending more enticing, and about culinary fun too. In 2017 they are featuring a ‘craft burger’ night on Friday, a big “grill-off” on Saturday, and a food truck showdown on Sunday!

Photo courtesy of the Kirkland Uncorked Website
So who will love this event, you may ask?

Obviously, this event is for the wineo’s. Admission gets you a wine tasting glass and tokens to taste galore. So, wine lovers first, yes this is for you!!
However the less obvious would be that this is a fun family event too! If your husband hates wine, there is a beer garden for him to sneak away and grab a pint. If you have small kids in-tow there are paddle boats in the shallows of Lake Washington they can float around in. In regards to the boat show, the boats are not basic… they are beautiful new runabouts and even some larger yachts and cruisers. Even if you are not in the market for a boat, it is still fun to walk down the docks and check them out.

My only suggestion is that if you are bringing small children and plan to walk the marina, do have them wear their life jackets for safety reasons. Yes I know I am annoying with how much I preach life jacket safety, but I have worked this event many times in the past and have witnessed a few kids fall into the water when parents have their backs turned.

This year, Kirkland Uncorked runs July 14th -16th and tickets can be purchased HERE. If you are pregnant or just not interested in drinking, there is still plenty to do and tickets are discounted $10 for you (DD pricing).

BONUS! I am working the floating boat show so come see me on Friday! I will be there 2pm to 8pm floating on a beautiful new Cobalt, so be sure to swing by and say hello 🙂



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