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ashleymaescott-421Growing up in New York, Washington was never a place that came to mind as where I should end up in life, but chance brought me out here and I have loved every second of it. I was raised on a dirt road in an old country farmhouse upstate by artist parents, but somehow by the time I made it to Seattle there was still this big-city, New York stigma that traveled with me (this should be amusing to anyone who has ever been to upstate NY).

I had no clue about all the wonderful things Seattle had to offer… mild winters accented with perfect mountain passes for winter sports, hot desert beaches and lakes out east for a perfect blue water and sunshine summer. Totally a surprise… all I expected moving out here was lots of coffee, rain, and some tulip fields (maybe?). Since moving here I have taken up golf, snowboarding, hiking… all the great PNW things you just have to take advantage of. Ironically, I developed my love for fashion AFTER moving to Seattle due to boredom and a Nordstrom addiction… and no Seattlietes, by fashion I don’t mean TNF and rain boots .

The luckiest part about moving here, was of course meeting my wonderful and supporting husband (I was partying at a casino so this is a good story for another time if you need a laugh). This past year we completed our family by bringing our sweet daughter Vivienne into the world who has completely filled our hearts more than we ever dreamed possible. Please excuse me if I spend too much time on her rainbow vomiting over her on here… I will do my best to hold back! [Update, am now a mommy to two sweet daughters since I started blogging! Vienna was welcomed to the world October 2018]. We also have a little Pomeranian named Piper, but she is a sore subject at the moment due to a good amount of protest pooping that started when baby came home. Just a little snippet about our family 🙂

My hubby and I are crazy foodies and wineos, so do expect lots of great recipes and delicious things to bake! Growing up in the art world I do enjoy everything creative and will post all the DIY stuff I try out (and likely some Pinterest fails too). When I’m not cooking or crafting, hubby and I enjoy spending time exploring all the great things the PNW has to offer. I promise to share all our favorite date spots and family outing venues. Thank you so much for joining me in my blogging journey!

My own disclaimers: All photographs on here are mine, unless noted otherwise. Photo cred will always be given where due. Good/high-res pics have been taken with my Nikon D5300, all others taken with my iPhone 8 Plus. I have no idea what I am doing with my DSLR, so advice is always welcome 🙂

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Vivienne Birthday 3
My sweet Vivienne on her 1st birthday! Photo Cred Tara Quinn Photography
Hubby and I at our wedding! I was almost 7 months pregnant, yikes!! Photo cred Ashley Mae Scott Photography
Our 2016 Christmas family picture! Photo Cred Ashley Mae Scott Photography
The most recent addition to our family, Vienna Cecile! Also photo cred to Ashley Mae Scott (you can tell who does most our family photos 🙂

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  1. As a native Seattleite who has lived in Texas for the last 8 years and intends to get Home as soon as I’m able, I can only say that you have tons of fabulousness still ahead of you! Lucky you. Cool boots in the picture, btw! 😉
    And cheers to your blogging fun. 😀

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