Mommy Daughter Nike Twinsies

What is your vote on mommy and me matching clothing? Something super fun and cute, or fuel for your child to hate you as a teenager? I want to hear your opinion!

Monday Goals

This past weekend I had a work event, leaving me feeling like I have a LOT to get done this coming week since I didn’t have a chance to relax and catch up on anything at home. People wonder why being a working mom is so hard – this is why! It’s a lot to…

Our First Easter Egg Hunt

Some fun ideas for your baby’s first Easter Egg Hunt if you are new to parenting and searching for some inspiration.

Dear Abbey: Quit being so fat!!!

A letter to myself on Day 1 of my diet: Dear Abbey, you can’t be so damn fat anymore! Sharing my journey with pregnancy weight struggles, and my new weight loss goals. Thank you for your support!

Hosting an In Home Lularoe Popup Party

Lularoe is the new fashion fad that ladies are going crazy over, and the best part is that you can contact a local consultant to bring a clothing party to you and shop from your own home!

Etiquette for Visiting the Brand-New Mom

Etiquette for visiting the brand new mom and dad, either in the hospital or at home. Becoming a parent is overwhelming, and many family members and friends are so excited to see the new baby that they forget to treat the new mom and dad with respect. A few tips on setting boundaries and being polite during your first visits with the new parents!

Baby’s First Mariners Game!

Things to know when taking your baby to their first Seattle Mariner’s game! A fun Seattle-area family activity for all.