OK – I Guess “Two” Might be a Little Terrible… But It’s also Amazingly Wonderful


The “Terrible Twos”- oh how I have been dreading them. Mostly because my little baby girl has been such a sweetie, and I wish I could keep her little and precious forever. I joke with my husband that the day she decides to be mean and breaks my heart that I am going to need a new baby to snuggle and be sweet to me. I hope he doesn’t take me seriously, because being pregnant sucks.

Almost to the exact day of her second birthday I did notice a big change. I braced myself for what was to come.

She started to cry more, and don’t ask her why because she couldn’t tell you. She won’t eat any food when I’m around unless it is fed to her by me on my fork off of my plate. She has expanded her comfort (to my husband’s absolute terror) climbing furniture. Last night, she colored a picture of the ocean across my whole living room rug. I freaking loved that rug. I tried to explain to her that was wrong and how upset I was. She replied “mommy don’t be upset, be cute!”… it was the most simultaneously cute and smug thing I have ever heard out of her mouth and all I could do was laugh.

But, there are sweet changes I noticed too. When we hug she now puts her arms around my neck and squeezes me super tight. She is able to string together much more conversation with me, and tells me I’m pretty and I’m her best friend. We can spend a whole day together and not get bored. She loves helping me with everything… even emptying the dishwasher and folding laundry. When we leave the house for the day she asks for her sunglasses so we can be stylish together. Her love for me is just boiling over.

So, for as terrible and tiring as two can be, there are equal parts that are wonderful.

Yes, two is going to try my patience to the max. No, I cannot stand the whining. I miss eating my own dinner… I’m actually dumbfounded I haven’t lost weight. I need a vacation. And a spa treatment. Maybe a massage. Okay, a massage, margarita, and a nap.

However, I enjoy every second with her more each day, and know that through all the stress of having a toddler that we are making so many precious memories during this year that I will treasure forever!

When you think your toddler is coloring in her coloring book but she is actually drawing “the ocean” on your living room rug 🙂 🙂
Oh my beautiful rug. Who knew Crayola crayons had such good color transfer on fabric…
My silly girl. She realized she lost a shoe about half an hour into our grocery shopping and showed me with this very upset face. Oooooh toddler life 🙂


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