Hosting an In Home Lularoe Popup Party

If you have yet to hear of the new clothing fad that is sweeping the nation, I almost don’t believe you. Lularoe is it’s name and women are CRAZY about it! At a glance, it seems to be the same thing as many of the other sell-at-home products out there (Mary Kay, Cabbie, Scentsy, etc. etc. etc.). But up closer, it really is an amazing business model, and there is a good reason behind the clothing addiction.

For starters, the clothing line is composed of the most flattering and comfortable styles known to womankind. Their leggings are butter soft and stretch for miles, and the shirts/dresses/skirts are made perfectly to flatter where women want to be flattered and cover what most women want to hide. Combine their comfort with the fact that they come in all kinds of cute patterns, women love them because it is an easy way to dress trendy/fun while putting little effort in to throw together a great outfit. I have never felt more cozy and confident than I have when I wear my Lula. No muffin tops, it makes my ginormous boobs look smaller… the list goes on what I love about it.

The next best part is that consultants do something called “pop-up” parties, where they bring literally HUNDREDS of clothing items to your house, and set up racks of clothes for you and your friends to shop from the comfort of your own home.

The local consultant I hosted my party with brought so many clothes that she filled my entire master bedroom and living room with items!!


I love a good excuse to throw a party, so I also put together a special little brunch menu for my girls 🙂 The pumpkin bread and pancake corn dog bites recipes can both be found here on my blog!

Mom’s Pumpkin Muffin Recipe… The best (and easiest) you will ever find!!

Pancake “Corn-Dog” Bites, My New Fav Dish for Trendy Brunches!

Cute little brunch spread I put together for the shoppers

Other great news guys… most of these parties you can bring your kids to! Since it was at my house my daughter of course was there, and a few other friends brought their littles to play too. The kids went off in the nursery and out in the yard with my husband for a while, so we girls could have fun shopping! It was nice to have them there but also occupied in a safe environment (not like at the mall where she can crawl away from me in a dressing room in two seconds!)

Lastly… yes there is more cool stuff.. I got a FREE pair of leggings for hosing my party, and I got a free item for every ten sold. Plus, she offered me discounts off clothes if my friends booked parties, which they did! I got a FREE pair of black leggings, a FREE Monroe kimono, plus discounts off the other items I purchased.

If you want to host your own party, all you have to do is contact one of your local consultants about hosting! There is no monetary commitment from your part; just pick a date and they will bring the clothes and the party to you!

The kiddos watching a movie in bed while the girls shopped
Some of the super cute clothing I scored; even got a sweet little dress with pockets for my daughter!


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