Personalized Wedding Accessories I’m Glad I Splurged On

For our wedding, I was determined to be the person with hundreds of cute personalized details you see plastered all over wedding magazines everywhere. I initially headed deep down the DIY path, only to soon find that it is frustrating and involves lots of stress and paper cuts.

Luckily, I was quickly directed by a friend to Etsy, where I found the wedding detail mother-load of super cute and customizeable crafts.  I initially felt guilty about giving up on my DIY ideas, but ultimately decided to splurge on a few little details and was so grateful I did!

They were more than worth the small amount of money I spent, and were the few little special personalized things I had been hoping for to make the day more about us.

Etsy is AMAZING and I love how many accessible small business sellers are represented there, but I do have some words of advice/caution:

  1. Check company reviews before placing your order. This is the easiest way to know if you will be pleased with the product and customer service. It is easy to make a product look good in pictures, but the reviews will tell the truth.
  2. Shop as local as you can. Of course, the point of ETSY is to access tiny shops you would not otherwise be able to find, but at least stick to your own continent! You can narrow your search to the same state, coast, country, etc. Obviously, if you find something from a cool shop but they are half a world away from you, shipping will be expensive and it will take a long time for the product to arrive.
  3. Don’t take any chances. This is your special day and you only get to do it once! If the pictures aren’t clear, reviews are mixed, or there doesn’t seem to be enough information to make a decision to trust the shop, then don’t. I had a bad experience with a shop in China where my final product looked NOTHING like what I had ordered, and it took so long to get to me that there was no fixing or replacing it by the time it got in. I should have trusted my gut and the reviews!

Below are some special details that we went with and I loved! Since I sell boats for a living, we decided to go with a nautical theme. However, all companies I recommended have a huge variety of themes to choose from, so I would check them out for sure!

Here are a few little splurges that I was particularly happy with:

Personalized Cake Topper from The Pink Owl Gifts $38.95


Anniversary Wine Box from Raynor Shine Designs $74.50

If you aren’t familiar with a “Wine Box Ceremony”, it is basically a more modern variation of a unity candle ceremony. The couple picks out a bottle of wine to preserve, and encloses the bottle along with two glasses and love notes to each other, with the intent to open at a milestone anniversary.

Since we are big wineos and not super religious, this ceremony was a perfect idea to fit our personalities. We live in the Greater Seattle area and this company was right around the corner… we received it in DAYS and the quality was amazing. I couldn’t have been more thrilled!


Customized Coffee Mugs The Beeze Knees $56

This was our wedding song, so I gave this to my hubby as a wedding gift. They also make lots of trendy custom signs that would be cute for your special day!

Custom Wedding Guestbook from Woodlack $54

This item came to us from the Ukraine (we are in the U.S) so it was a little longer wait, but the price and the result were totally worth it!

The book was stunning and there were gorgeous details on every page. We absolutely loved it.


A few other things I loved and found on Etsy… these specific companies are sadly no longer in business, but I am sure that similar items exist from other companies. Just some additional inspiration 🙂

Customized Life Preserver for our “Save the Date” announcements:

 Handmade garter to match our wedding theme:

Bridesmaid matching silk bathrobes:

Looking for some cute wedding decor ideas? Check out the Amazon link below! (Affiliate)

Shop Other Trendy Wedding Decor

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  1. I really love the idea of the wine and glasses-we have been married for 27 years, maybe they will do a set for us for another milestone anniversary?

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