Planning a Seattle Wedding? Here are Some Vendors I Suggest Checking Out!

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Hubby and I are coming up on our second anniversary on November 2nd, and reminiscing inspired me to share some of my favorite vendors here in the Seattle area that made everything possible and so special to us. We had always dreamed of a vineyard wedding, but with all my family coming from upstate NY the logistics didn’t work. Another side note – I was 6 months pregnant at the time of our wedding, so I was even less into the vineyard appeal and all about convenience. I am sure a pregnant bride is the neediest of all, and some of the vendors we used absolutely knocked it out of the park!

First, of course you have to talk about the dress. I went to every stereotypical place downtown a Seattle bride would go, and was left in tears at the end of the day. I wasn’t impressed with the materials and make quality of so many of the gowns I tried on – these stores seemed more about the glamour of trying on than quality (at least to me anyways). I went home disappointed after a day of trying on and researched and found Calla Bridal tucked away in Greenlake. I went to quietly peak around on my own without the pressure of having the whole bridal party there and found three incredibly beautiful, detailed, quality gowns that I loved. It was so much more personable and though the selection was lighter, it was quality. To add to it all, I bought a dress and found out I was a month pregnant a week after placing the order… they recommended a seamstress who met with me several times as my belly grew and ultimately fit a 6-month pregnant girl into her gown beautifully!!

The next vendor that really tickled my bride fancy was Lake Union Café. Disclaimer: I hate sweets, especially weddi cake. There is something about that frosting that is sickeningly sweet to me, but for the sake of being traditional, we had to have one. They invited us in for a private tasting and we absolutely loved every bite – much more organic and wholesome than other mass-produced cakes I’m used to having at family weddings in the past. They had a huge list of traditional and inventive flavors, plus lots of other little goodies you could add on the side (cookies, pies, cheesecake, etc.). Instead of freezing your cake topper, they will make you an identical topper for your 1st anniversary too, which we greatly enjoyed.

When it came down to it, I had relatively blown my budget by the time I even thought about flowers and was stressed about this piece of the puzzle. I went into LaVassar florists over towards Madison Park (again… emotional and pregnant, so like the nightmare customer) and found it to be a very pleasant, family run business. They spent a lot of time with me, and after a consultation came up with a very affordable plan and I ended up with absolutely gorgeous bouquets. Making your dream bouquet of spring flowers in the beginning of winter isn’t easy, so they were great to offer me some alternatives that accomplish the same look that were more in season.


To make it easy for out of town guests we decided on a downtown location at the historic Arctic Club. I remember we had stayed there one year for my birthday and peeked into the “Northern Lights Dome Room” and thought it was so gorgeous, and dreamed of having a wedding there one day. Downstairs in the lobby there is the Polar Bar – a lounge that has a very Mad Men / Roaring Twenties feel to it. Moody lighting, high stools at the bar… its perfect. Upon researching we found this absolutely stunning venue to be right in line with some other bland local venues and were quite surprised at its affordability (we did do a winter/Sunday wedding too, so that helped). We had our ceremony upstairs, a super classy cocktail hour downstairs in the Polar Bar while they reset the room for the reception, and in-all, it was such a classy venue/event.

Calla Bridal, Greenlake

Lake Union Cafe

LaVassar Florists

The Arctic Club Seattle


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