Shrimp Spring Rolls – A Refreshing Summer Dinner Idea

These shrimp spring rolls are something we made on a hot summer night in attempt to not have something too heavy. This is a thai and Vietnamese fusion, and you surely should make the peanut and siracha dipping sauces!!


Simple Apple Chicken Walnut Salad! A perfect dinner for a hot summer day on the patio.

A simple recipe for an apple chicken walnut salad. I added green onions, craisins (cranberry raisins), and walnuts. Enjoy it with a croissant or on a toasted baguette. I hope you enjoy this recipe!

5 Simple Tips To Make Your Cooking Exponentially Better!

Five simple tips that will exponentially make your cooking better! These are all super easy things to do and implement that do not require any skills at all. This is a great tutorial for a beginner in the kitchen who is looking for advice on how to give their food more flavor and moisture!