How is your House Decorated for Christmas? (Day 6 of my 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge)

First, I think it is apparent from my pictures below, but we love to decorate! Second, I love traditional holiday colors like red and green. Though I love how clean a white/beige with some flecks of silver and gold decorating theme looks, I will always default to the bold and festive feel that is a very traditional Christmas look.

13 Beautiful Christmas Tree Red Green Gold
Our Christmas tree this year! A lot of the bulbs you see down low are actually shatterproof ornaments, knowing my toddler will like to play with them. I just love it! I want more poinsettia flowers for it next year.

If you have visited a Pier 1, World Market, or Pottery Barn in the past decade, my guess would be that my decorations look familiar since we have done so much shopping there. I love these little festive “woodland critters” as we call them, and have a variety of animals this style in different sizes. My decor is a little eclectic with mostly red and green, and accents of gold and plaid.  I tried to do my Christmas tree kind-of busy this year, and I honestly love it!

With a toddler we have started adapting some non-breakable decorations… throw pillows are an awesome way to seasonally decorate that a kid (mostly) can’t ruin. We also have a felt advent calendar hanging from a door that it about 3 and a half feet tall, and it is such a win!

As a family we make sure to get a new Christmas ornament every year to commemorate what we were celebrating together, which is part of the reason that our tree is so eclectic. Since our daughter is a huge Christmas lover, we actually let her pick out her own little tree for her room this year, and let her decorate it with wood/fabric ornaments as well. It doesn’t have lights yet, because she has started messing with outlets lately… I do think it needs lights so I will get her a battery powered set of LED ones that are a little more safe.

25 Christmas Living Room Decorated with Tree

So, what are your favorite decorations and how do you decorate your house? I would love to see, tag me in your post!

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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Tomorrow, on to Day 7!

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