Leavenworth, WA – Favorite Holiday Destination (Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge)


leavenworth christmas photo collection lights
Some beautiful pictures of all the Christmas lights lit up in Leavenworth around the holidays

I am a total sucker for a white Christmas, and here in Washington, those are very few and far between. So, that leaves it up to me to go out and find the snow and feeling of Christmas magic on my own!

Luckily in Washington we have a very interesting climate, kept temperate by the ocean in many western areas, but a large mountain pass divides the eastern part of the state which creates a totally different climate across the mountain passes! In Eastern Washington you can find four different seasons with very snowy winters. We love to head to Eastern Washington around Christmas for this exact reason, and the town of Leavenworth is our favorite part!

If you are new to Leavenworth, it is a Bavarian village, where all buildings and businesses must conform to the town theme, so all the construction is very unique. Christmas is a huge to-do here, with ceremonies and celebrations happening all month long! My favorite is watching the tree-lighting ceremony downtown after dusk, and to visit the Christmas shops to pick up special decorations and presents.

There is also a ton of great food to be had here! One of our favorite traditions is to stop at Munchen Haus, an outdoor eatery serving Bavarian brats and local brews. There are bakeries making fresh delicious pastries, homemade fudge, fresh waffles, and more! One the main street in town, there are handfuls of wine tasting rooms, breweries, and unique restaurants that you just have to visit.

Here is a link to the Leavenworth calendar of events if you are interested in checking it out! 

My only word of caution… there are two times of year where Leavenworth can be simply overwhelming with guests; Oktoberfest and Christmas. If you want to stay in the area, make sure to book your room a minimum of 6 months in advance; many people have standing reservations they renew every year, and the general public is aware to get the best places you HAVE to book well in advance. Also, crowds are large and lines are long on weekends. If you can visit on a week day I would suggest it so that you do so for better parking and shorter lines.

Leavenworth WA Christmas pictures with Santa and Mrs Claus.jpg
Getting our pictures taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus in downtown Leavenworth! They stand out there all day for pictures with kids!
Photo Dec 17, 9 32 59 PM
Having a beer outside at Icicle Brewing. My daughter was so toasty in her snow suit that she fell asleep on me!
Icicle Brewing Winter Patio
The Christmas-decorated outdoor patio and beer garden at Icicle Brewing.


Munchen Haus Leavenworth Polish Sausage
You have to grab a brat at Munchen Haus! Our absolute favorite stop. They have at least 20 house-made mustards to try too!
Leavenworth tree lighting ceremony 1
I am guessing from this photo you can tell that there is quite a bit of chaos and crowding downtown for the tree lighting ceremony. It was freezing (literally) but very worth it!
Leavenworth Christmas lighting photo panoramic
Panoramic view of the lights downtown Leavenworth all illuminated after the tree lighting ceremony!

Some of my favorite places to stop:

Munchen Haus Bavarian Grill & Beer Garden

Kris Kringl Christmas Shop, open year round!

Icicle Ridge Winery

Cascade Cheese

Icicle Brewing Leavenworth

So, is Leavenworth on your list of places that you visit around the Christmas holiday? If you have never made it over before but are thinking about going and have questions, feel free to ask away! I am happy to make recommendations.

X.O. Abbey Co.

P.S. – if you would like to participate in the 12 days of Christmas Blog/Social Media Challenge, here are the details! Anyone in the Christmas spirit is nominated to join in.

Christmas Blogging Challenge

9 Replies to “Leavenworth, WA – Favorite Holiday Destination (Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge)”

  1. My daughter and I were just there! We went a couple days ago- not on the weekend! I wrote a gratitude post about it since there was a fatality accident on us 2 that we just missed 😞. Other than that it was a magical trip!

      1. Ya, especially this time of year. We had a friend loose his son in an accident on US 2 as they came back from snowboarding. Not a road I want to be on in the dark.

    1. You simply have to! It is so magical around Christmas! We also like to go in the summer for different reasons – there is a river to float, lots of activities around town, mini golf…. it really is a fun place

  2. I visited snowy Leavenworth in January this year, and it was so gorgeous! The lights, the food, the nutcracker museum.. it was all awesome. 🙂 Glad to see you had a great time with family!

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