A PNW Parent Essential – Woodland Park Zoo Membership

As a parent, I have discovered how important it is to have a plethora of things to do to outside of the house entertain your kids at your fingertips. Kids have incredibly active minds and bodies, and one high-energy day at home can mean a TORNADO through the house to you.

Unfortunately, entertaining your kids with things to do outside of the house can also become very expensive if not planned tactfully.

Well, PNW parents, I have a tip for you!! Did you know that an annual membership to the Woodland Park Zoo is only $49 per person for adults? A normal adult ticket is $21, for one visit. I am admittedly terrible at math, but I am relatively sure that means by your third visit over the course of an entire year, you are in the green. I should also add that kids under 2 a free and ages 3-12 are only $12.95.

The zoo is huge, so it isn’t tangible to walk the whole place with small children anyways, so I feel 4 visits over the course of a year is more than attainable. If you are a stay at home parent, NEWS FLASH – this place is totally dead on weekdays! Weekday parking is plentiful, lines are nonexistent, and it’s really not that big of a deal if your kids are running amuck 🙂

We have been few times this year.

The first was when we got our memberships, and we just went around exploring the exhibits. I later took my daughter back just the two of us on a nice spring-y week day… we spent a lot of time at the Safari exhibit and got an ice cream cone to share. We  aldo brought family visiting from out of state once, and later close to Father’s Day went on a nice sunny Sunday to have a picnic in the grass and watch the falcon show. It was something different every time, and our 5 visits made it more than worth it!!

Here are some links you might find helpful:

Zoo Membership Info

Exhibits of Interest

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Zebras and Giraffes in the Savanah! Love how open this exhibit is!
We LOVE the penguins!
The big grizzly bear at the Northwest Exhibit! One of my favorites.

Zootopia (Plus Bonus Features)

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