Beardsley Public House


Trying out the Tasting Flight

If you have read a few of my previous posts, you should be getting the feeling that leaving downtown Seattle was a HUGE deal for us. One of the biggest deals for me was leaving such a unique foodie scene. We ate out several times a week and were SUPER spoiled being a block away from thai, pho, woodfired pizza, tex-mex, creole, Irish pubs, Mexican, etc. etc. restaurants.

Moving north we went on a desperate hunt for some restaurants to fill the void, and of course wanted something to make us feel at-home but also be easy to get to with a baby. And for that matter, be appropriate with a baby since they tend to be a little noisy 🙂

To our surprise, with a little internet research we learned that there is a John Howie restaurant north of Seattle near us (Bothell). If you aren’t familiar John Howie, he is pretty big in the steakhouse/seafood scene in Seattle, with a spread of PNW restaurants such as Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar (Bellevue), Sport Restaurant & Bar (Seattle), and John Howie Steak.

Don’t let the big lineup of Steakhouses make you feel like this is going to be that same vibe, because it is not. Think more along of the lines of a chill brewery/gastropub with a nice ‘public house’ feel. With the public house vibe, expect big long shared tables, tall ceilings, and a nice buzz in the room, which I especially loved because we felt right at home with our noisy table 🙂

I feel that anything with a fried egg can never be wrong!
I am not vegetarian but love veggie burgers. This was great and my daughter enjoyed a few bites too.

We did a tasting flight of beer to share, then an entrée each. Hubby tried a prosciutto, egg and arugula flatbread, and I had a veggie burger with a side of aioli… yum! We were impressed by the food, the informal-ness, and of course the brews, and have added this to our easy list of places to head out for a family lunch or dinner. If you live north of Seattle and are searching for a great family restaurant that will meet your foodie criteria, I would absolutely suggest giving Beardslee Public House a try!

Those cheeks tho! She must have been about 8 months old.


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