My Birthday & One Lovely Blog Award!

Hey guys, it’s my birthday! Happy birthday to meeee! Let’s be honest though, I was way cuter when I was 2 (that’s me below).

baby abbey

I turned 32 today, which I am honestly okay with. I am in a great spot where I am happy with my life and age, so I am not going to slam myself for getting older. 32 feels the same to me as 28 did, except I can no longer drink caffeine after 2pm and everything makes me a little more tired (I expect that could be attributed to chasing a toddler around all the time too, haha!).

We already went out to dinner on Friday and golfed all day Sunday to celebrate, so needless to say, I am a little birthday-ed out at the moment! If you follow me on IG I think you would be able to guess this, haha! Today I am taking my daughter to her Mommy & Me Dance Class, then I think we may head to IKEA to pick up a piece of furniture we need. It will be an easy day for sure! I have a few upcoming posts scheduled about our fun birthday activities, but wanted to do something different today, and decided on a blog award!

I don’t participate in all the blog awards I receive just for the sake of everything else I have scheduled and occasionally not having the time, but I thought my birthday would be a fun chance to do one. Here in the blog world I think it is fun to take the opportunity to get to know each other better from time to time.

So, recently I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Cozy and Sage!


One Lovely Blog Award


Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
Post about the award.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 people.
Let your nominees know you’ve nominated them.

7 Facts About Me:

  1. I barely eat any of my baking! I know this may come as a surprise since I share baked goods all the time, but I actually don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I will enjoy a few bites fresh, and maybe with coffee for breakfast, but the majority of what I make I bring to work and share with my coworkers, or let my hubby bring to his office. It is more fun for me to bake it than eat it!
  2. I grew up on a dirt road in Upstate NY. I don’t think of myself as being ‘country’, but I sure am from it!
  3. Moving to WA from NY at a young age, I would get a lot of funny questions about my former NY life compared to the west coast… my favorite was “did you even own a car, or did you just cab everywhere?”. Um, yeah I had a car, we only had ONE visible neighbor and town was 8 miles away! So funny how people perceive the state of New York who have never experienced upstate.
  4. I am on a big green/sustainability kick at the moment. I want a goat so we no longer have to mow our yard and can make cheese, and I want chickens for fresh eggs. My husband vetoed my idea saying it is too much poo in our yard!
  5. I am addicted to La Croix! My favorite flavor is the apple cranberry.
  6. I really want to take a good family trip before having another kid and travel becomes more difficult. Ireland is on the top of my list!
  7. The upcoming holiday season is my favorite… I love Halloween and Christmas so much!

Picking nominations is always the hardest part for me… I am sure I follow HUNDREDS of blogs, so how do you only pick a few? Please no hard feelings if you were left out, but here are my nominations:

AYR Galaxy

Orianas Notes

RV Henderson

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Sherry Scribbles

Petra – Food Eat Love

The Rose Beauty Files

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Happy Haute Home


Thanks again for the nomination, and I hope you all find some fun blogs to follow out of the list – I tried to pick some different ones that I haven’t shared about before.

Happy Blogging!

X.O. – Abbey Co.

25 Replies to “My Birthday & One Lovely Blog Award!”

    1. haha yes I am sure I would not appreciate the goat poop in our small yard once it was happening! My dad is looking for a goat now for his country farmhouse and I think that may be a better fit 🙂

  1. happy birthday! super cute photo of you. 🙂 i wish we could get a goat too, but we have deed restrictions against livestock. so i will have to live vicariously through you lol 🙂

  2. I’m so behind on reading blogs and I totally missed your birthday! Ugh! Well happy belated birthday doll! <3 I hope you had a fun time spending it with family and friends! 🙂
    And omg, I literally found out about renting goats to "mow your lawn" over the summer. I thought it was a joke, but nope, it's very real lol. I would love to have fresh eggs, my family had chickens in Mexico and some might say the flavor is very different and not as tasteful but I love fresh eggs either way.
    Thanks for the nomination doll! Happy belated birthday once again! <3 xx

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