Memorial Day Weekend in Leavenworth; Day 2

Yesterday I brought you a post on Day 1 of our weekend trip to Leavenworth for Memorial Day Weekend a few years back. I decided to divide this post into two sections because we explored very different areas both days. Day 1 we stayed in town perusing shops and eating local fare, but Day 2 we went to the outskirts of Leavenworth to enjoy some activities that were a little more off the beaten path. All destinations we visited on Day 2 were within 20 minutes of our KOA, so still very close to town.

We woke up on Day 2 and the weather was gorgeous, so we decided to start our day a little more outdoorsy. With it being Memorial Day Weekend I wanted to teach our daughter a little more about what the holiday was about that we were celebrating that weekend, so we first headed off to the town of Cashmere to visit the Spirit of America 9/11 Memorial.

My daughter observing the Spirit of America 9/11 Memorial in Cashmere WA

img_1429The memorial is a touching tribute and there are a few displays to look and read at. Being from New York and living through 9/11 there I was particularly moved by the piece of rubble from the twin towers that was worked into the memorial itself. It was the perfect way to honor the weekend. The park was beautiful and so was the weather so we decided to walk around afterwards to soak up some sun and burn some energy. There is a walking path right on the Wentachee River, where I have actually gone whitewater rafting in the past.

Taking a little stroll along the Wentachee River

The next stop on the list was the Apples and Cotlets factory in Cashmere. To be honest I had never even had Apples and Cotlets before, but the factory was right there and our toddler would do anything to get her hands on a piece of candy, so I thought we might as well stop. We sampled a few things and got a little gift bag of snacks for my daughter and some local jams/spreads for us to bring home, so it was a cute short stop.

From there we made our way to Smallwood’s Harvest in Pehastin, WA. Smallwoods is a farm right on the Highway 2 as you are leaving Leavenworth headed East… we have driven past it for YEARS and decided that this weekend it was finally time to stop and check it out! I was excited to go for some fresh, local produce to bring home with us, but to the absolute benefit of my toddler there was a full petting zoo, playground, picnic area and even tractor ride on-site for her to partake in. We enjoyed looking at lots of farm animals, got some fresh fruit to eat out on the lawn, and took more than one turn on the tractor to avoid tears before leaving.


My daughter and I on the tractor ride, who even knows what round! She loved it.

It was a very hot day, but a fun one! We spent the rest of the day relaxing at the pool at our campground and had a little bonfire when the sun set. Hopefully this gives you a few ideas as to what you can do while visiting the Leavenworth area with your family this Memorial Day weekend!

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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