Memorial Day Weekend in Leavenworth; Day 1

Western Washington has a bad reputation for its rainy weather. Let me first start by saying that if you have ever been to Washington in July or August, you will know how intensely the sun shines and what a beautiful and lush place this is to be in the summer. However, if you live here you do know that come March/April, the rain feels pretty unrelenting and it can get to be a little much.

That is why we always try to plan a spring getaway every year to a warmer climate… to give us that glimpse of sunlight we need so badly when we have given up hope that it may ever shine again.

Eastern Washington is our savior, since with a quick 2-3 hour drive, you are over a mountain pass, away from the rain, and in a much warmer, even desert like climate. The 3-day Memorial Day weekend is always a great opportunity to make the most out of the drive, so we decided to give Leavenworth a go to celebrate the holiday!

Leavenworth is mostly know for its Bavarian village with quaint shops, especially as place that goes all-out around Christmas. During the summer the weather is amazing (dry and hot!) and there are outdoor activities galore such as whitewater rafting, miniature golf, and hiking. There are lots of fun shops to walk to and enjoy and outdoor patios to grab a bite or a brew galore. Leavenworth has a great foodie scene whether you want to try some traditional German fare, wood fired pizza, or even some Tex-Mex. We have had lots of great food experiences there! With  hotels and campgrounds galore, amazing breweries and wineries to sample, fantastic weather, rivers to swim in, games to play, it is a super fun and accessible destination for any Washingtonian to do a quick weekend getaway any time of year.

For this Memorial Day trip in particular, we decided to stay at the Leavenworth KOA Campgrounds. These campgrounds aren’t for you if you are looking for a really rugged experience… however, if you have kids and want some creature comforts (showers, pools, central store, RV hookup, etc.), this place is definitely for you! We utilized the pool for afternoon entertainment almost every day, and also enjoyed their on-site activities like their outdoor movie night in the forest.

Day 1 of this trip was spent mostly in town. We browsed shops and stopped at Munchen Haus for some German brats for lunch. Munchen Haus is relatively coveted in our family – we ALWAYS stop there while in town for a brat! It might be the fact that they have over 20 mustards to choose from, or perhaps the Icicle Brewing kegs on tap, but it is one of our favorite places to grub.

After having fun checking out the toy and candy shops for my daughter, my hubby requested we end the day at Icicle Brewing at the end of the shopping strip so he could fill a growler to enjoy at the campsite. The weather was gorgeous and the patio is pet-friendly, so it was an easy stop for the family and my daughter, dog and I shared a soft pretzel in the sun while waiting for hubby to check out. Icicle sells some awesome super rugged growlers that do great camping!

My little sweeties enjoying a nice warm afternoon on the patio at Icicle Brewing

Back at the campsite that evening we headed over to the outdoor movie. Who knows where the found an extension cord that long, but KOA sets up a little projector screen between a few trees in a clearing near the river. Lots of families walk down and snuggle up with their blankets and enjoy the movie while the sun sets. It is a very fun family-oriented way to end the day. Be sure to join me tomorrow for hi-lights of our 2nd day in Leavenworth for Memorial Day Weekend!

Lounging out waiting for outdoor movie night to start at our KOA campground

X.O. Abbey Co.

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