April Recap – Hello Spring!

Hello friends! I can’t believe that April is here and gone already – what a whirlwind this spring has been! The good news is that spring has arrived because we are so ready for it. I feel like March can be one of the toughest months to endure in the Northwest… by March it has been grey and rainy since October, and though I am glad we are not trapped by feet upon feet of snow like other areas of the U.S., the mundane cold weather just gets to be a little much by that point. So the spring fresh air and sunshine are making me feel rejuvenated and excited that summer is just around the corner!

It was a busy month in our household. My husband had family visiting and staying with us for a few weeks so free time was hard to come by. I have a few recipes I whipped up including these vanilla bean and raspberry brown betties I made – recipe will be coming your way this month for sure! It is a custard-based dessert and was actually pretty easy to toss together.

raspberry brown betty recipe 3
Yes, this is being served for breakfast with bacon and eggs in this picture. I didn’t realize we ate so many sweets this month until I wrote this post – yikes! HAHA 🙂

The hi-light of the month for our family had to be Easter. I picked out super cute Easter outfits for the girls and we headed to a Saturday night service at the church where our daughter goes to preschool. Per my request we went out for dinner after at the local Mexican restaurant (so yum) and my daughter negotiated in a stop at Dairy Queen for milkshakes on the way home.

In the morning we woke up to find our Easter baskets (my 4-year-old is SO into these kind of magical holidays at the moment), and I whipped up a delicious brunch after. Not trying to give myself too much credit, but my Parmesan potatoes stole the show! Probably some of the best potatoes I have ever made thanks to our cast iron skillet. In our household we have ditched all our non-stick cookware for health reasons and traded it in for cast iron and we really have it down to a science at this point – its all about having a nicely seasoned pan and regulating your temps, but once you get the technique down it is totally where its at. Okay, well let’s not forget my carrot cake cheesecake, because that stole the show too. Yes, I ate way too much, in case you can’t tell.

Easter Brunch Spread 3


The unfortunate thing about the month was we have been struggling with illness A LOT. My daughter has brought home no less than three different diseases from preschool over four weeks so we are really ready to get healthy streak going. On the last day of the month she was feeling down from missing so much school (she LOVES preschool and her friends there), so I told her I would take her to the park for some fresh air if she promised to take it easy. We went to the Mukilteo ferry landing, walked around the docks, and sat on a bench by the lighthouse and enjoyed our lunch. It was nice to get out of the house and breathing some fresh air!

That said, we are excited to tackle the month of May! We are starting off with a bang by going on a date night to see Carmen at the Seattle Opera, then a few weeks later we are off to New York to visit family. Thank you all for reading with us and I hope you are enjoying the start of spring as much as we are!

X.O. Abbey Co.

Oh P.S. – my baby is so cute! She just turned 6 months <3 <3

Photo Apr 16, 10 46 29 AM

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