Did a thing, Got a bunny

So this is a blog post I never thought I would be writing, but we accidentally got a bunny last week.

You may be asking, how does one not purposefully get a bunny… well the story goes that the bunny was taken home by a coworker of mine who knew he couldn’t have pets and it was only a matter of time before the whole thing fell through. I made a joke about how when the bunny got evicted I would adopt her. Low and behold a few weeks later, I am the proud new owner of a Lionhead Rabbit!

So first, let me tell you about this funny little thing. Her name is Ham and ironically she eats like a pig! This rabbit eats my Pomeranian under the table exponentially, it’s pretty funny actually. She has a ton of personality and likes to play fetch with her ball and lounge on the couch with the family. If she isn’t comfortable she is not shy to let you know, and will nudge things off the couch with her head or pull blankets around with her teeth until she has her setup just right. If she gets startled or mad she thumps her feet and it is way too funny. I have been working on getting her comfortable with spending time with me and she most enjoys when I zipper her into my jacket when out and about.

Photo Jun 03, 10 34 18 AM
Ham enjoying the afternoon inside my work jacket. Tell me this isn’t cute.

Since I had no intentions of being a rabbit owner I have been playing catch-up with my research… usually for something like this I would be super prepared and know what I was getting myself into care-wise, but due to circumstances I have more been learning on the fly with Ham. Luckily there are some great websites out there with info on rabbit care (even Lionheads specifically), so I have been reading up, figuring out what is safe to feed her, how to train her, and so on. Here are some of the ones that I have found great info on:

Lionhead rabbit in house
She threw the pillow off the couch and decided she wasn’t comfortable then went under the baby bouncer to lay like this… seriously a funny rabbit.


RabbitPedia (cheeky, guys)
What to Feed Your Pet Rabbit
Wiki How Pet – How to set Up a Rabbit Cage

I have been glad I started reading up because there was actually a lot about rabbits that I did not know. I knew they are little vegetarian animals so I figured they could eat pretty much every all veggies, which is actually not the case! They are very sensitive to the amount of nutrients in veggies and need more leafy things and a good amount of variety so that they do not get too much of one vitamin at one time. There is also more that goes into their habitat than I would have thought – plus with how fluffy she is things get stuck in her fur SO EASY so I have made some adjustments to how I have her cage set up and what type of bedding and flooring I use. And again, she is a PIGLET and has to eat her body weight in food daily… I can’t believe what a hungry little thing she is!

Well there you have it! The latest addition to our family; Ham! AKA Ham Slice (Home Slice), Jambon, Jamoncita, or Hamarella. Are there any other rabbit owners out there that have any advice to share with us? I would love to hear it!

Some purchases I have made so far that Ham loves (click pics for links):

Ham loves these mats because she can sleep and chew on them. What could be better than that?

She likes to play fetch with balls like these that have little bells in them. Who would have thought a bunny would play fetch? So cute.

Of course, all the hay! I like this pack because it is good to vary their diet and there are a few different types in here that you can switch between so that she isn’t getting too much of one nutrient (a big thing with bunnies, I guess).


This hay feeder is something we live by because she seriously just eats all day. You can put pellets in the bottom and hay behind the grate and she can snack all day!



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