Giving Back Day 4 – Yourself!

I am sure that people from all walks of life can tell that the world is an extra stressful place these days. Things are much less relaxed and happen at a faster pace, and we are so exposed to disaster and tragedy on a regular basis.

All of this stress and negativity can really pile up, and that is why I think it is so important to take best care of your #1 person; and by that I mean YOU! That is why for my next giving post, I have featured some quick and easy thoughts on how you can relax a little more, stress a little less, and give back to yourself!

1. Take a second to soak
This is something I don’t do enough, since it is such a great way to relax! Play some music, bring a good book, or light some candles and lay back in the tub for a warm bath. Moms… we are notorious for not taking enough time for ourselves and I think asking for time once a week to take a warm bath ALONE (no the kids can’t play in there while you do it) is a great way to unwind. Plus things like these bath bombs are all the rage these days, and you can just picture your worries dissolving into the bath fizz 🙂

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2. Relax by candlelight
If I am having a stressful day, it is amazing how much better I feel if I just take a second to dim the lights and relax on the couch by candlelight. Even if you can’t find a lot of time to relax, just lighting a candle in my bedroom while I am getting ready for bed helps me de-stress incredibly! My favorite brand is “Wood-Wick”… pretty obviously named after the fact they use wooden wicks instead of cord. They last so much longer and make a beautiful crackling noise as they burn, just like a fire in the fireplace

WoodWick Frasier Fir Medium Candle

3. Treat yo’ self
If these aren’t enticing ways to relax for you, what would be? An hour of retail therapy at the mall with friends? A glass of wine? An hour at the spa for a massage? Pick your thing, and every so often, treat yourself to it! My girlfriends and I found a Groupon for a spa day and all went together and had an AMAZING time just chilling in the sauna and pools, and girl chatting it up!

Some other great ways to pamper yourself

So, what are your favorite things to do for self-care? Do you take enough time to relax and unwind, or is that something you need to get better at?

4 Replies to “Giving Back Day 4 – Yourself!”

  1. I started my own advent slender today of one hallmark movie and a tea each day of December to deal with the stress of the month!

  2. I love all of these ideas. Particularly the warm bath- I always intend to put an evening away to run a bath but never do! This Christmastime, I shall try and do it more! I love to walk for no reason- not to the shops or to work. Just walk! <3

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