November Monthly Recap & 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge!

If you follow my blog, it is no secret that I my content was light in November. I traveled TWICE, once for work and once to head home for the Thanksgiving holiday. I had been in an awesome flow of posting almost daily this past spring and have slowly been falling away from that, but I would like to get back. The secret I am sure is balance, but not as a daily or weekly thing, and that is what I am coming to terms with. Some months I seem to have a lot of spare peaceful time to write, and others I do not. I have a job where I don’t ever clock in or out (sales life), and sometimes I am staying up late to email customers instead of blogging. Or, sometimes I am just too plain tired and choose to snuggle with my kid instead! This month a lot of other things won out, and for my sanity I had to take a blog break… but I am back now, hoping to have a super fun December on here!

Looking back, we started the month with our 3rd wedding anniversary! When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts, I like to try to fit mine with the ‘theme’ of that anniversary… my theory is that you plan to be married forever, and if you are together a REALLY long time you might get stale on gift ideas, so this helps you stay creative. The wedding anniversary is the leather anniversary (apparently), and I surprised my hubby with a pair of leather UGG house slippers and a beautifully made shaving/travel set I found on Etsy. He turned around and surprised me with a Tory Burch leather wristlet to hold my new iPhone X!! I couldn’t believe that he got me a phone, but he is insisting that it would be a great upgrade for blogging, so of course I am not going to turn it down. Links below if you want to check either of them out! (Affiliate). We also celebrated by going out to dinner at a Seattle restaurant we have been meaning to try; Cinque Terre!

UGG Australia Men’s Ascot Leather Slippers, 9, China Tea

Tory Burch Parker Zip Continental Wallet in Black

From there I went on to my first excursion of the month to Lake Las Vegas for our Malibu Boats Dealer Meeting. Dealer meetings are basically parties they throw for all their reps out in the field like us to give us some training, and a chance to get excited about the products coming out this model year. It was three days long and my toddler didn’t take my absence well, but it was a fun trip with my coworkers, and I left Vegas with a few hundred bucks in my pocket thanks to some after-hours luck at the Belaggio.

After only a week of being back, we packed up our bags again, and this time sped off to the East Coast to visit family in New York! We have historically terrible luck with flights making it to our destination, so it was a nice surprise this time around when everything went as planned, especially traveling with a toddler! We stayed with my dad in Upstate New York for a week to celebrate Thanksgiving and did a lot of visiting with family. It is hard raising a daughter across the country from her extended family, and I wish we were closer a lot of the time for her sake. Nevertheless, we made the best out of a short visit, and she had a blast!

My sister actually lives in Washington D.C. so for our last day of the trip we decided to take a little road trip back to D.C. to drop her off and do a little touristing! The drive from my dad’s house was about 6 hours and we were very exhausted, so we fit in about as many activities as three adults with jet lag awake since 6am and one toddler can fit into an afternoon. We toured two of the Smithsonians, saw a handful of monuments from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, and then had dinner at a local staple, Founding Farmers. I will be sure to blog about this more after Christmas, because there is a lot to talk about!

Lincoln Memorial Washington D.C. Toddler
My poor daughter was too tired to stay awake for all of our monument visits and missed the Lincoln Memorial!

Unfortunately all this running around in airports left our whole family completely wiped out with a terrible cold! I am actually writing this whilst mouth-breathing since my nose is too stuffed to inhale through. Christmas is our favorite time of year, so I do hope that we are able to kick this to the curb quickly and move on with all our favorite seasonal activities! We are headed to the PNB Nutcracker on Friday, and to get our Christmas tree Saturday, so I NEED to rally.

This past month was very activity filled and quite honestly EXHAUSTING, so I hope that we can find some peace and relaxation this holiday season.

Looking forward to December, I am excited to say that I have really fun posts planned almost every day, including a Christmas Blog Challenge I created! No need to be nominated, if you want to join then just jump in! To participate just save the image with details of the challenge, start posting away, and link back to the original post here! If you are reading this and don’t have a blog, then simply translate into a daily Instagram post 🙂

Christmas Blogging Challenge

Just to get things started, I thought I would nominate some blogs I see that are already really in the Christmas Spirit 🙂

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So, what fun plans do you all have this holiday season? Are you big Christmas lovers like we are? I can’t wait to share some awesome holiday posts with you!

X.O. – Abbey Co.

*Disclaimer* I am an Amazon affiliate and get a tiny kickback if you purchase anything from my links… I only share things that I use and love, and it is just a small avenue for me to earn money to support my blog as I go.

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