Halloween Decor DIY

So I might be just a little proud of my Halloween decor collection guys…

Yes, a lot of these items are just basic little things I have grabbed at a T.J. Max here and there over the past few years, but my crown jewel part of my collection actually is a super easy DIY project!

See all these black super hip (sorry I mean “lit”) matte black decorations? This was a haul at my local Goodwill store for about $10, refurbished by yours-truly with a rattle can of matte black spray paint!

Here are my super easy instructions on how to make them yourself!

    1. Go thrifting. Don’t pick out normal stuff… go for the uniquely shaped things, items with intricate detail, candle-holders especially. Don’t let ugly colors throw you off – it will all be covered up by the paint!
    2. Snag some Matte Black spray paint like this: Krylon K09198000 COVERMAXX Spray Paint, Matte Black, 12 Ounce
    3. Take some old newspaper and head outside to make the transformation! Lay the items flat on the paper and spray them evenly. Let the paint dry, then flip and spray the other side or areas you missed.
    4. Get creepy with your decorating!!
Love that creepy goblet in the back left! And notice how fun some transformed boring dinner plates look once they are black!
This unique dish is one of my favorites to keep on a counter and put Halloween candy in
If only I was creative enough to DIY that beaded sugar skull mat, yeah that one came from Home Goods, not gonna lie…

Well, if you aren’t feeling super creative, here are some other fun Halloween decoration ideas you can shop on Amazon (affiliate)!

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Giant Halloween Creepy Cloth – 36 Inches x 200 Inches – and Decorative Door Hanger

Trick or Treat Halloween Banner 3-Pc Set Home or Office Decor Ready To Hang

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  1. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday and seeing your collection, your pieces are great! Also Goodwill has some amazing steals if you’re willing to put in the time to scavenge. Great post!

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