Holiday Decor – silver and gold or red and green? What the #FLOTUS chose this year versus my personal preference

Day 10 of my Christmas Blogging Challenge is about the colors of the season!

First of all, I just plain love to decorate! I would go many lengths to get my house all decked out for Christmas.

When it comes to Christmas decorating colors, I feel that there are two main paths you can head down: silver and gold or red and green. I personally am 100% a red and green fan! I think that white with silver accents is very in, but I think can feel less warm and personal, as much of this grey and white decor fad is that is currently sweeping the United States.

The internet currently has a ton of jokes circulating, criticizing the First Lady’s White House decor for being stark and cold compared to those of the past, and I think the lack of warm color is exactly where she fell short. If you haven’t seen the ridiculousness of the internet responding to her choice of how to deck the White House for the holidays, give this article a read from Bored Panda and you will surely laugh! Time magazine even covered the meme frenzy that spun from this – it was quite the ordeal.

Melania Trump Whitehouse Christmas Scary
The tweet that started the meme storm

When I think about all the things that make Christmas great, it evokes colorful emotions! In our house you will always see lots of greens and reds, though I do accent with cream and gold. I admit that my house can get quite busy with decorations for the holidays because I go ALL-OUT and BOLD, but it’s only for a month out of the year, and truly, when else do you have the chance to go all out like this anyways? I feel like I would make an amazing FLOTUS when it came to holiday decorating… just let me get my hands on that White House and the holiday spirit would be overflowing from the decor! Hopefully it is in my little house here in the Northwest this year 🙂

17 Christmas Family Room Decorated
My Christmas Tree this year. As you can see, I am all about the red and green!


Next year I would like to add a little more plaid into my repertoire, just because I think it adds a cozy, home-for-the-holidays-in-the-northwest feel. I am thinking a plaid throw and matching stockings!

Life Comfort Ultimate Sherpa Throw, Red Plaid – 60 by 70 inches

3 Pcs Set – Classic Christmas Stockings 18″ Cute Santa’s Toys Stockings (Burlap Plaid)

So, what are your thoughts on the first lady’s decor choices in the White House this Christmas? And what colors do you gravitate towards this time of year?

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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3 Replies to “Holiday Decor – silver and gold or red and green? What the #FLOTUS chose this year versus my personal preference”

  1. I love your Christmas tree and decorations! So beautiful. Colors seem so important during the holidays and I think I pretty much use every color under the sun, lol. My post today is on decor and crafts.

    As far as the First Lady, I think it’s hateful for people to say anything bad about someone else’s Christmas decor, but those pictures were hilarious. Good laughs. They seem to be comparing two different areas though, which seems unfair. I’d really like to see all of the other rooms! 😀 Merry Christmas!

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