My Favorite Christmas Craft (Day 9 of my 12 Days of Blogmas Challenge)

I am not sure if my favorite Christmas craft actually counts as one, but when I had to really rack my brain, I think my favorite craft this time of year would have to be decorating cookies and baking! If you saw the dozens of cookies sitting on my table (in addition to a full-size gingerbread house all now assembled and frosted I think you would agree with checking the ‘craft’ box on this one as I do.

Part of the reason I think it counts is due to the amount of effort I put into cookie decorating. Every year I make sure I have a spread of at least 4-5 types of cookies to offer to guests and bring to coworkers, and I take care to decorate them with homemade icing or frosting, and it is a lot of time invested. In regards to the gingerbread house, I have been cheating since having a kid and buy the pre-assembled Wilton gingerbread house kit and simply decorate it, but that in itself can be a lot of work too!

Wilton Build It Yourself Mini Village Gingerbread House Decorating Kit

This year we started out with some traditional gingerbread men, then moved on to my favorite powder sugar roll out cookies. For our Christmas party later in the week I have Sinckerdoodles on the horizon, in addition to some Brown Sugar Pecan Sandies. Of course I have been flexing my Royal Icing skills the whole time and have at least 4 shades in the lineup of icings this year. My daughter and I have already decorated cookies once, and will do so again on Christmas Eve just to make sure the big guy is happy with the spread when he comes down the chimney 🙂

If you are looking for a great Christmas recipe with less fuss than these cookies, I would recommend my Eggnog Spice Bundt Cake recipe. This cake is so easy to throw together, and is full of beautiful holiday flavors. It is in my picture below on the cake stand covered in gobs of icing. We had plenty of baked goods already, but this cake is so good that I couldn’t picture NOT having it for breakfast the week before Christmas 😉

Christmas Sugar Cookie Cutouts Royal Icing 2
My Christmas cookies frosted with Royal Icing this year, I think they turned out beautifully!
Wilton Gingerbread House Christmas Cookies
The whole spread – gingerbread house, cookies, and my favorite eggnog cake with a spiced glaze, yum!

In regards to other crafts we have planned, we are going to whip up some homemade peppermint candy ice cream this weekend, and I even am making little peppermint candy bowls to serve them in! I will just have to save this excitement for next years blog posts, and hopefully by the time next Christmas comes around I have more crafts planned that don’t involve food, haha!

So, what Christmas crafts have you planned in your household, or are you a good-old fashioned cookie decorator like me?

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here, I can’t wait!

X.O. Abbey Co.

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  1. Your cookies look amazing! I love to bake cookies but don’t love decorating them!
    I used to have a cookie decorating party for my birthday so they’d get done!

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