It’s Vacation Day! Heading to Walla Walla Washington

Guys. We are going on vacation this weekend! I am so excited that I had to reschedule my blog post I have ready for tomorrow and am posting this instead 🙂

It is only a little Friday-Sunday trip, but I can’t wait. Our family deserves it and we are ready for one.

I can’t take big vacations in summer because of the industry I work in. Selling boats, I am sure you could guess that things are just a little seasonal. Being a commissioned salesperson, not being there in summer means I don’t make money! So, we try to treat ourselves to a trip in spring before busy season, and in fall after it all wraps up.

For this spring trip, we decided we wanted to go to Walla Walla, Washington! Walla Walla is about a 5 hour drive for us, and being in Eastern WA it will give us enough of a climate change to make it feel like we actually went somewhere. We are heading straight out after work planning to arrive Friday night so we can wake up bright and early Saturday and enjoy whole day relaxing.

Saturday morning, I was thinking we could do a fun breakfast out at The Olive Marketplace and Cafe… I have never been there, but in my mind I am picturing something like Oxbow Market in Napa and that gets me excited. It’s either there or the Maple Counter Cafe, which looks like a super indulgent greasy-spoon kind of place, and that is what vacation is all about right!? I however did just take my daughter to the Maltby Cafe this week after her dance lesson, and I’m not sure if I can survive two giant country-style breakfasts in one week.

Afterwards I thought it would be fun to treat my daughter to her first movie at the big theater, so we are headed to see the new Beauty and the Beast film! She really loves movies so much, I think because she knows that means it is time for us to snuggle down as a family. I especially love that she will have Emma Watson as a modern heroine to look up to; I think she is amazing!

For our big Saturday night dinner, I was totally set on Marc at the historic Marcus Whitman Hotel. I would DIE to do their chef’s table dinner, but I am guessing that is a little more intimate than something a two-year-old could sit through, so that will have to be for another visit. Brasserie Four is my second runner-up, so maybe that can be Sunday. I took a second to look on Trip Advisor for other ideas, and basically everything I listed off are on the top of their list, so my head must be in the right place 🙂

In regards to other daytime activities, I found a place called Monteillet Fomagerie that makes their own artisanal cheeses, so that sounds RIGHT UP our alley. I will have to give them a call since it looks like they are by appointment only, but seeing the farm would be a lot of fun for us all.

Book and Game looks like a shop highly recommended, so if kiddos behavior is good enough, we may stop to pick up a book or two for the open road on the way home.

I also found a place called Plumb Cellars that is doing live music on Saturday night, and if you know our daughter, she may be little but she sure can keep a beat! I will have to make sure they are kid friendly, but some music and dancing would be fun.

Okay. Now to the good part… the WINE 🙂

A few of our favorite wineries are over there that we have to hit up to bring a case home.

Woodward Canyon in my opinion, makes one of the best Chardonnays out there. I put it up there with Chateau Montelena’s. Seriously. This is happening for sure.

Luckily, my other favorite is next door 🙂 L’Ecole is in an old schoolhouse, and is so charming. I had not thought much about them when I first moved out here as I see their wines everywhere and felt maybe they were a little gimmicky? My feelings obviously weren’t justifiable because I completely fell in love with the winery after tasting in Walla Walla in person.

On to ones we have yet to try but want to get to this time…

North Star Winery was recommended as a family friendly winery, since they have a large living room style tasting room. It looks like a fun place we could all relax together for a quick tasting.

Doubleback does tastings by appointment only, but I am going to see if I can get us in. This winery is owned by Drew Bledsoe, WSU alum and retired NFL quarterback. I am a big Bledsoe fan and loved watching him as a child, so this visit is purely based on my husband and I fan-girl-ing. 🙂

Seven Hills Winery is one of the oldest and most respected wineries in Walla Walla, so they are on the bucket list too. Their tasting room looks adorable and it is conveniently right next to the Olive Marketplace, so I feel good about this one happening.

Corliss Estates caught my eye since the tasting room looks absolutely beautiful, but I have never personally heard anything about their wines. We are always happy to explore!

Okay so this is my monster list of things I want to do while over there. Have any of you been to Walla Walla before? Any wineries or activities you recommend? I am sure we won’t be able to pack all this in, but it is good to at least have some ideas brainstormed!!

I love having a blog because now I have a place to plan out all my crazy vacation ideas in one place, versus what I usually do…. send my husband my ideas in about 300 text messages and drive him crazy 🙂

Cheers to the fun weekend ahead everyone!

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