My First Mother’s Day

My hubby is a very sweet guy, but he likes to claim he just isn’t creative or thoughtful when it comes to holidays and gift giving. He tells me that other girls get flowers only because their husbands don’t fix their brakes on their cars for them (lol).

Well, for my first Mother’s Day he completely surprised me! My jaw must have hit the floor when he pulled out this basket for me with orchids (one of my favorite flowers that I notoriously love but can’t keep alive), champagne, and a HANDMADE card. He even traced my daughter’s little hand onto the card since she was too little to write! I was just rainbow vomiting over the cuteness.

He made me strawberry crepes and mimosas for brunch, and double surprised me with a pre-scheduled appointment at the Salish Lodge Spa for the following weekend.

I am not posting this to brag, but as an idea for any daddies struggling what to do, since this was just so sweet! He did admit that coming up with all this on his own and that once my daughter was old enough to talk that Mother’s Day was on HER to plan, haha! Oh well, I will take this for now! 🙂

Such a sweet card! My beautiful basket.
Nothing is cuter than that little hand print <3


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  1. Keeper alert 🙂 He has indeed been creative. The tracing of your daughter’s hand is the sweetest thing. My husband often says the same thing btw as yours but he also delivers in his own silly ways 🙂

  2. That’s so sweet of him, we men are always awesome isn’t it 😎😆

    Thanks for following my little world. Glad to have you at my end. Hope to have loads of views to exchange

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