My Seattle (end of) Summer Bucket List


Do you ever feel yourself having regrets as a season comes to a close and you feel like you have not lived it to its fullest potential? I feel like that has to be pretty normal honestly, as there is never time for EVERYTHING in life that you want to do, and I usually log those items away on my to-do list for next year.

Well, this year, I am determined to not let those things get away from me! Don’t get me wrong, we are having a fantastic summer. We have done a handful of weekend getaways in Chelan, downtown Bellevue, and Roche Harbor. We have spent a ton of time boating, and had a fantastic time together going out for SeaFair. However all these travel and boating days have me feeling like I am missing out on some of the simple pleasures of summer. So, I am writing down my end of summer bucket list, so that means I have until September 22nd to finish these!

Kid Seafair 2
My 4-year-old Vivienne out for SeaFair weekend. So much fun!

Take a read and let me know what you think. I would love your advice on where to go if you have some great ideas!

Here is my end of summer 2019 bucket list:

Try a new ice cream shop. A place with bubble waffle cones or those fish cones will likely be the winner!

Go pick berries. We have tons of blackberry bushes in our driveway – last summer I made a cobbler and didn’t take a single photo! I blame pregnancy. This summer, another cobbler must happen and I am sure will result in a fantastic recipe share.

Spend the day at the beach. Yes it’s true, we have yet to officially do a beach day this summer! Boat days are great but some shoreline to enjoy and sand in our toes would be nice. Golden Gardens in Ballard is what I am thinking.

Photo Jul 21, 2 47 10 PM
Vienna wasn’t born a water baby, but we are getting her used to it! She has been out at least 5 or 6 times now and is doing great.

Go camping. Our littlest Vienna (almost 10mos) has yet to try camping! With Vivienne we were a little paranoid to jump all the way in when she was so little and glamped in Winthrop instead. Camping with two kids sounds like a lot, but I still want to give it a go, even if just something local and for one night.

Take baby girl to her first Mariners game! Baby’s first mariners game is actually my #1 most viewed posts, which makes me happy that mommas are finding good info on all the deets for their kiddos first trip. With that being the case, my littlest can’t go her whole first summer without heading to a game! Need to remedy this ASAP.

1st mariners game 4
Our eldest (now 4) at her first Seattle Mariner’s Game! Time for us to take baby #2!

Head to the splash park. This one of course will be easy to talk my 4 year old into!

Go to a concert at Chateau Ste. Michelle. Chris Issac is playing my birthday weekend (hinnnnnnnnnnnnnt husband who I’m still sure only likes but doesn’t read my posts 😂🤣).

Have a picnic at a park.

Set up the sprinkler in the back yard. Because what kids summer can be complete without that?!

Try a new winery in Woodinville. The Emerald Palate just did a fantastic post about her fav wineries in the area – ironically many of these I have yet to try so I think I’m going to work off her list!

Photo Jun 09, 6 02 34 PM
This was a beautiful tasting room we explored while in Lake Chelan earlier this summer

Go out to dinner and sit on the patio. I’m sure people reading from other parts of the United States are reading and pondering how this has not happened yet, but patios can be hard to come by here in the northwest!

Do a collab post with a local restaurant or blogger. I have lots of awesome accounts I follow that I LOVE here in the northwest but I feel like sometimes I post too independently! I want to collab with some people, make some more blogger friends! I say if you see something on this list that sounds fun to you, let’s do it together!

baby blue angels sea fair 4
We have been doing a great job at getting out boating! This is our youngest Vienna out on the boat for SeaFair Sunday, she did fantastic!

Okay, so what do you think? Does this seem doable? Let me know if you have any suggestions on locations! And what are your end of summer bucket list items? I would love to hear!

X.O. – Abbey Co.


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5 Replies to “My Seattle (end of) Summer Bucket List”

  1. I love the idea of what you’ve done here and think I’d better revisit my summer bucket list to see what I still need to get to! I know that walk a beach is definitely on there!

  2. I want to try a new ice cream shop too! Sadly the weather has been less than ideal here lol.
    I too want to spend the day at the beach and hopefully see a sunset but the beach is hours away and I’d have to spend the night over there 🤣🤣
    Splash pads are on my list too!
    I definitely think you can achieve all of these before summer ends. A lot of them sound like fun too. Good luck!

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