Our First Easter Egg Hunt

I cant tell you why, but my first year as a parent I was overly worried about messing holidays up. Looking back on this it seems extra silly, since the first year of being a parent, the only ones who will remember what you did is the two of you 🙂

For holidays I had been searching for a way to make the day and presents special, without completely overdoing it. My daughter has always been like most other kids, in the sense that she would rather play in the box and packaging than with the toy itself, so I truly wonder why people feel so obligated to give small children such a horde of gifts?! I can’t figure it out. But, I wanted to make sure we gave her something that was meaningful but not too much.

All this internal struggle on what to give lead me to a Pinterest search, which actually resulted in some very helpful advice! A suggestion I found on the internet in regards to reasonable gift giving was centered around the following idea. For holidays, center gift-giving around the following items:

  1. Something they want
  2. Something they need
  3. Something to wear
  4. Something to read

So, for her first Easter basket I landed on:

  1. Something she wanted – Stuffed animal! She is obsessed with them. What kid isn’t?! I got her a little pig to mirrior my first and favorite stuffed animal as a baby.
  2. Something she needed – Washable crayons bath crayons and coloring pages
  3. Something for her to wear – Carter’s unicorn pajamas
  4. Something for her to read – Elmo at the Zoo

The crayons and book I found easily on Amazon.

We hid some Easter eggs to make the hunt fun, but placed them in very basic places so that a little baby could have enjoy finding them. And she did! She somewhat questioned what the purpose of it was, but had fun none-the-less.

This basic 4-gift theme was something  I was able to bring forward to gift-giving in Christmas, and it worked just perfect that season too!




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  1. This is very good topic you are talking about.
    I have daughter who never was interested in holiday decorations. I tryed and I quit. Nobody care. Why and to who? And then I realised that I doing all this holiday and traditions and habits stuff for me as well. I am important as well. And I kept with holiday celebrations and decorations.

    Now she is grown up. And she is happy. Because we had traditions how to celebrate 🙂

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