Restaurant Review of the Week – The Whale Wins, Fremont WA

Back in January I had posted asking Where to take Pa for dinner in Seattle, since my dad was coming to visit from New York and I wanted to take him out to experience the killed foodie scene that Seattle has to offer. Thanks to some great feedback on here, we ultimately decided on The Whale Wins in Fremont on Stone Way.

This restaurant was a great pick for many reasons. For one, I love the ambiance and find it very trendy and welcoming. It was buzzing in there for sure, so it was another win for me to not worry about toddler noise. On a side note – how welcoming they were with my toddler was nice too… she surely was the only child in there and I wouldn’t expect it is a place many people take their kids, but it was great to have a nice dinner out at such a nice restaurant and not feel guilty for having a little mess maker in-tow.

Other added bonuses – the wine list and (obviously) THE FOOD!

We started with the Cascadia Creamery Celilo with Raw Honey and that was a delicious little bite to get us started. The waiter was knowledgeable with the wine list, and when my husband asked for a recommendation on a very earthy/deep red wine, he was delivered just that and enjoyed it immensely.

For the main course I tried the Hama Clams (which I devoured the WHOLE plate of on my own, BTW), and my dad and husband couldn’t pass up the Cassoulet.

We ordered a few sides, and the one that stuck out to me were their smoked potatoes. Yes, I know that sounds boring, but it was just the opposite. Imagine the most perfectly golden, crisped, salted, potatoes you have ever had in your life, and these were it. I think the difference is that they were cooked in their smoker (maybe?)? I really don’t know what made them so amazing, but they were.

So to the chef, if you are reading this, whatever your secret is for the potatoes, keep doing it! If you want to tell me your secret, my ears are open 🙂


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