Seattle Christmas Staycation – Salish Lodge

Very many years ago, my hubby and I hit a wall around Christmas time. He had lost his job and things weren’t at their best and we were having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. We decided what would be best for us is a little Christmas vacation, but we didn’t have a huge budget for some big trip and a lot of places locally were booked up. All I knew is that I needed a cozy hotel room and the option for spa services because I really needed to de-stress! I reached out on social media asking for suggestions, and someone mentioned Salish Lodge just 30 minutes outside of Seattle… they had space and it looked nice so we decided to give it a try.

We are both big PNW and Christmas fans, so when we arrived on Christmas Eve to a so northwest lodge on the overhang of a cliff above a waterfall, we were in love. A big decorated tree was in the roundabout driveway, and the scene was just perfect.


They had a special holiday spa and dinner package, so we decided to head to the dining room and indulge. For Christmas Eve there was a special prix fixe menu to order off of… I don’t remember what I had but I am sure there was lobster in it and it was AMAZING. After, we cozied up in our hotel in front of the real – yes that is correct – fireplace with wood provided. We watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” and it was perfect. salish-2

In the morning, hubby had breakfast in bed while I had a hot stone massage in their award-winning spa… I have had many spa treatments before but this was one of my all time favorites. We took a soak in the hot mineral pools before heading home later that day.


Looking back on it now, it is a special memory to me… just a nice, tranquil Christmas just the two of us. The atmosphere was beautiful, the food exceptional, and the spa over-the-top. I think it is extra special because now with a growing family, it is something we literally will never have the chance to do for the rest of our lives. Not in a bad way… but the holidays are different now. If you are a couple (pre-kids) looking for some peace and relaxation this holiday season, this is a quick little trip I would absolutely recommend 🙂

X.O. – Abbey Co.


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