Where to take Pa for dinner in Seattle, January 2017

So, my dad is coming to visit me for fun, pretty much for the first time since I moved here back in 2003. That grandkid factor really helps guys 🙂

If you know our family, you would know that we are a family of foodies. HUGE  foodies. As foodie as foodies get. I want to take him out to a family dinner while he is here, but the standards are super high… let’s be honest, if you want to show off your city to a foodie then any average place won’t do… you have to do it right!

So, the criteria is that the place has awesome cuisine, an impressive wine list, and a great atmosphere. Well, and it also has to be in Seattle. I am not looking for you to tell me to go to a steak house. My dad cooks a better steak than most, and though a $100pp dinner at Daniel’s Broiler is occasionally fun, a steak likely not cooked to his liking (rare on the east coast and rare on the west coast truly mean two different things) and a mountain of mashed potatoes is not the kind of thing I’m after.

Obviously, Canlis was my first thought, but I’m not about to throw down that kind of money for a ‘just because’ kind of family dinner on a Tuesday night (sorry dad).

My second thought was Tilth for the amazing food and cozy atmosphere; however it is SO cozy that I’m not sure my loud toddler would be a good fit there.

So, those two are officially scratched out.

My next thought went to Volterra Seattle, which came to mind because the do have a great wine selection. Eh?

Lloyd Martin and Betty in Queen Anne also came up as options, but living in Queen Anne for so long, I am so partial to this area. So I don’t want to be close-minded to cuisine there because my heart is just so happy in that part of the city <3

Seriously one of my fav places in Queen Anne

Lastly, it’s like, duh, you are in Seattle, so how do you not eat with Tom Douglas or Thierry Rautureau?? Out of each of their lineups, my thoughts especially went to Tanaka San (might be a little too Seattle/ethnic for an east-coaster?), or at the French/Northwest infusion restaurant, LUC.

Obviously, I need your help!!! What are you guys thinking? Do you agree with any of these ideas, or do you have something new and awesome that we should try that I didn’t even think about?! I really want to hear your thoughts 🙂

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  1. Hmmm, this is a tough one. I am just going to throw in names: lark, Altura, Harvest Vine and Mamnoon, The Whale Wins, Art of the Table. Some of which, i’ve written reviews (https://travel-gourmand.com/category/restaurant-reviews/restaurants-seattle/), some not. Personally I am not a big fan of Tom Douglas restaurants, very touristy, very much hyped. Also, if you want a simpler dinner with an ethnic twist, how about Ba Bar, Rainier BBQ (featured in Anthony Bourdain’s Seattle). If sushi is an option, try Wataru. For closer neighbourhood places, Vif is great if you are not after a big meal, they have a good wine list, but the food option is limited. Mura’s has awesome Japanese-Korean food. Hope this helps. I will post more if I could think of more.

  2. Ooooh! I like where your head is at. I think Whale Wins and Altura are amazing ideas!!! Totally the kind of vibe I had in mind. I have never tried Mamnoon or Art of Table before so I will have to look them up. Is Boat Street Cafe still there in Belltown? That is another that came to mind this morning but I for some reason thought they closed. Thanks for the input!!!

  3. Boat Street is still there, just not a Renee Erickson restaurant any more. That said, I still love the place. They have my favorite bread pudding. Do call ahead to confirm as they tend to renovate around the first month of the year. Also, if you are in the Pike Place Market area, Matt’s in the Market is good. And if seafood is what you have in the mind, Rock Creek is all about seafood.

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