Blogging Break – I’m Back!

I know that my blog has been a little quiet the past few weeks… after the busiest work season for me (an 8 day trade show), I just needed a little time off. Though my blog is private and just for fun, I treat it like the real deal. I have blog posts planned and pre-written up to a few months in advance, social media posts timed to match, and honestly sometimes it feels like it can be a job itself. I mean, technically, for some bloggers it is!

The trade show ended for me in early February, but as I planned to return, I started having some issues with my blog! I would spend several hours writing posts, save (what felt like) a hundred times, and go back the next day to find the content gone and not showing up anywhere in my backups. There is nothing more frustrating than loosing work you saved, so my return was slowed down by the fact that I was writing only for it to vanish into thin air. I asked around the blogging world, and finally reached out to WordPress for help. So, a lot of wheel spinning has gone into this process and delayed new content on my blog for far longer than I ever intended.

The problem is not resolved, so I plan to cautiously get back into posting while making sure I have cloud backup to support my WordPress account since their internal backup is failing me.

So, excuse my break, and I look forward to getting back into the swing! I hope you all are feeling rested and spoiled after Valentine’s Day and are looking forward to the rest of the year to come <3

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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  1. Welcome back Abbey!! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost content. That happened to me a few months back, I lost more than ten hours worth of work, it definitely is so frustrating XP

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