DIY Pink Polka-Dot Party – Vivienne Turns 3!

I can’t figure out where the time has gone, but we just celebrated my adorable daughter’s 3rd birthday! Having a newborn is such a blur of figuring it all out that I feel like the first year and a half just disappears, and instead of having a tiny rolly-polly butterball baby, we now have such a grown up and articulate daughter!

One thing I especially love about her is how she knows exactly what she wants, and this is actually how we landed on her birthday party theme this year. If you have seen past posts involving my daughter, then you are surely familiar with her lovey, “Polka.” Polka is a pink and white polka dot TY beanie baby that has not left my daughter’s clutch since she received her as a gift around 9 months old.

We actually have about 6 of them now (a story for another time), and Amazon luckily helps me keep my stock up.

When telling my daughter her birthday was coming up, she told me she couldn’t wait for her “Polka party”… um excuse me? Because I planned a quiet birthday night with dinner and cake together, but I surely didn’t have any “Polka party” up my sleeve. I thought about dismissing the request, but then she went on to tell me about how she couldn’t wait to see all her friends and that Polka’s family was coming too, and it was simply too cute. The “Polka Party” had to happen!

Thanks to Amazon Prime reading my mind entirely, I was able to make this party come to fruition relatively easily, thanks to a pre-made party kit. All it took was this little box, plus some Wilton pre-made fondant and her party was a success. Of course, my mom last-minute found a polka-dot dress the EXACT color of her lovey.

I got up in the middle of the night to decorate our dining area (hopefully you can see all of Poika’s friends got the invite). You never know how bad you are at tying balloons until you try to do it solo at 4am… who knows how I didn’t wake up the house as I popped a few in attempt! When she woke up to her surprise in the morning she threw her arms around my legs to say thank you – it was the most adorable gesture. I appreciated the fact that she somehow knew I was behind executing this plan.

polka dot party morning surprise
Birthday morning surprise! 

We enjoyed a birthday pancake breakfast with pink polka sprinkles, and she afterwards assisted me in baking her polka cake. The pink and blue colors were her request, and I think ended up quite cute in the end. I have a Wilton coloring set that really produces some fun and different food colors.

Photo Feb 05, 11 00 56 AM

vivienne baking birthday cake 1
Yum, cake batter tester!

Later, friends and family joined us to celebrate. To continue with the polka-dot theme, hubby made a hand-tossed pepperoni pizza, which was quite good! It only lasted seconds once placed on the table, and we made 4 of them.

making polka dot cake fondant
My muse, Polka, was I assembled the fondant on the polka dot cake
finished polka dot cake setup table 2
Our “Polka Party” spread!

In all, it was a fabulous “Polka Party, and my daughter had a wonderful time! If you are interested in shopping the accessories I used for our polka-dot party, all the links are below (affiliate).

Thanks for reading!

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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