Easter Basket Ideas 2017 – For Anyone Needing a Little Last Minute Inspiration

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In case you are looking for some last-minute Easter Basket ideas for this year, here is what the fluffy bunny is bringing my daughter! Hopefully you find some inspiration if you are last minute shopping 🙂

The theme I use to keep me sane and budget-conscious while gift shopping are the four following things:

  1. Something she wants
  2. Something she needs
  3. Something to wear
  4. Something to read

So, here are my ideas for Easter 2017…

Something she wants: Disney’s “Moana” on DVD/Blue Ray

Moana [Blu-ray]

She loves Disney Movies… what little kid doesn’t?? The Blue Ray pack is a little more money, but it includes a digital download, which I 100% will load on the iPad for when we are traveling! I have not seen Moana yet, but hear it is awesome.


Something she needs: A Bike Helmet and Pads

At two, she is finally ready to get started on a trike this summer! She (like all toddlers I am sure) is quite the daredevil, so a helmet and pads are a necessity.

Children’s Safety Gear for Biking


Something to Wear: Summer Pajamas!

Carter’s Pajama Sets

I feel like Easter is the perfect time of year to stock kids up on PJ’s for summer. Last year I got her a little 4-pack just like this and it lasted us the whole spring/summer season. I feel like pajamas are a little more fun to receive as a gift, compared to socks or underpants 🙂


Something to Read: “Once Upon a Potty”, Potty Training Book

Once Upon a Potty — Girl

Now that our daughter is two, we are encouraging the potty training thing… the thought of life without diapers sounds AMAZING!! Our daughter hasn’t given us her buy-in yet despite our best efforts, so I thought a potty training book might help us a little along the way. This book comes in a boy or girl version!

So looking back on my suggestions above, I feel a little bit like the boring mom giving safety gear, clothes and a potty training book for Easter, but they are all things she needs and will use, so is it that bad really? Hopefully Moana makes up for the practicality of the other gifts 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!!

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