Fifteen Fun Facts About Your Blogger (ME :)

It has been raining way too much in Seattle this winter. Yes, that is possible.

As I sit here on a rainy day thinking about my blog and how to engage people more, one thought that comes to mind is that I might not be sharing enough about myself on here. I have been so focused on all the tips/recipes/etc. that I haven’t said much about myself to help you all get to know me. The truth is I want you to know me and have fun following me, and I want to get to know you too!

So, I decided to come up with a list of fifteen fun facts that you would never know about me unless I told you. I hope you enjoy reading!


-I grew up on a dirt road in Upstate New York. I had pet chickens. My childhood was about as country as you can get.

-My husband and I had our first date on St. Patrick’s Day. This explains a lot about our relationship (at least in our twenties 🙂 )

-I moved to Washington when I was 17. I had saved money all summer long for my move by working at the local grocery store.

-I have a Pomeranian. She is a jealous little $hit and hates my kid.

-I love wine. Like, I LOVE WINE.

-One of my daughter’s first words was “tickle” when she was about 5 months old. She would  try to “tickle” us all the time, before she could even walk to get to us. It was super cute.

-I work full time selling luxury boats/yachts for a company on Lake Washington. I love my job.

-I used to do sales in healthcare. I hated it 🙂

-I haven’t traveled enough. My husband promised me one big special trip before we have another kid, and I am still waiting 😉

-I played sports in high school as a joke because I was terrible. Our school was too small to have roster cuts.

-As a family, movie nights are our favorite. We love snuggling up on the couch and unwinding from the week with a movie together.

-I can’t speak Spanish, but I can understand it.

-My husband and I used to take a trip to a new snowboarding mountain every year for our anniversary. A tradition that has taken a break after having a kid, but we need to get back into.

-Our dream house is in the country with a vineyard.

-I don’t have a sweet tooth. When I bake, it is up to my husband to eat the good majority of what I made (poor guy).

Engagement Pics 1
My husband, rude little dog and I. The dog is being good because this is pre-baby 🙂


Viv 7 mos 3
My chubby little munchkin. She is 2 now! <3
Surf Lessons 1
Me hard at work on one of our Malibu Boats. My friend and I ran a Surf Lesson Group for chicks only called “Babes on Boards”

22 Replies to “Fifteen Fun Facts About Your Blogger (ME :)”

    1. The dog was my baby for 8 years before my actual baby came around. The dog is coping with it terribly. My poor little girl is so sweet and loves her so much, she doesn’t understand why the dog doesn’t like her! It is quite a tragic relationship, but we are working on it lol

      1. That’s the trick.. make the baby be the one who always feeds her! For real, they are loyal to the person who gives them food lol

  1. Love all the facts ! Thanks so much for sharing ! Really enjoyed all your photos you shared. Your baby girl is so darn cute and your Pomeranian OMG I almost died 😍😍😍😍😍 ! Thanks so much for stopping by my page. Will follow you

  2. This is great! I love learning about people and their stories. My blog has the opposite problem. I don’t share enough tips, advice, etc and I pretty much only talk about myself. Maybe we can help each other 😂 Thanks for sharing 😊

  3. You have a lovely family including the dog. I also like to make friends trough my blog and get to know people so this is great and I feel as I already know you a bit. Thanks for sharing some of your personal info with us and would love to get to know you even more in future <3

  4. You sell boats?? That’s awesome…oh, and the family is cute too. But boats? Very cool. A couple of summers ago, I almost thought about getting a summer job selling yachts…however it was only a thought and then I was like “what the hell am I thinking? I’m too lazy for that!”. But it would have been nice crashing yachts into other boats on Lake Union… thumbs up on your wine love!

    1. Yes I do! I work for Seattle Boat Company, which is a boat/yacht dealership with locations on Lake Union and Lake Washington. It isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, since well, this is Seattle so I get rained on a whole lot. 🙂 But it is a very fun job!

  5. Oh, and you inspired me to write 5 or maybe 6 things about me in my blog. 15 is way too much for me…plus my wife would kill me when I unleashed all the family secrets…

    1. You are cracking me up! I was surprised how many people enjoyed this post… I was like no one wants to hear boring stuff about me they just want to talk about food, lol. But I think getting to know a blogger better makes the blog more interesting if you know a little bit about the person and their back story 🙂

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