Happy Easter! 🐰🥕🐣🌷

Hope everyone is having a very happy Easter with family!

We slept in (thank god!!) and our daughter was so tickled the Easter bunny came by. She just turned two so I thought she would struggle with the idea and egg hunting a little, but she loved it and found her eggs so fast! I will have to hide a lot more next year.

The sparkle eggs MAY have to go away for next year, since I’m not a fan of the sparkle bomb that covered my living room. You may say there is no such thing as too many sparkles, but when a two year old is concerned about the number of sparkles you have on the floor, I think it’s safe to say you have a problem!

Her favorite gift was a chocolate Dino egg, which we smashed open and she gobbled up. Lucky day for this girl since I don’t often let her have sweets!

The Easter bunny brought us a new cast iron skillet, which we have very much been in need of. We decided that some duck fat would be just the way to start the seasoning process, so we decided on cheese blintzes with duck fat home fried potatoes and apple chicken sausage for brunch. 

I had stayed up late baking sugar sparkle cookies and carrot cake, but after this brunch I’m afraid they may go to waste! Luckily it is nice out, so maybe we can walk a few (thirty) miles or so and eventually will be hungry for some by the end of the day.

I am writing this while watching Moana for the first time, since that was in our daughter’s basket. Such a cute movie! I suspect we may watch it a few times before the day is over. I love the music! 

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

XO – Abbey Co.

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