Hello, Seattle Spring! (From Isolation)

Hey there friends!

There is this constant struggle within me to always bring you good, on-topic content without boring you with my life. I want to provide you recipes, events, restaurants, and more… not just a boring diary of my life with tangible things scattered in here and there. However, times are absolutely cray right now, and it appears the internet is the safest and most appropriate place for us to gather, so I thought I would write you a post to check in!

How are you? How is your work? Your business? Truly, I hope you are doing well, though I sadly feel this may be true for few to none at the moment.

This whole thing has been so hard for me to bear… watching local businesses I love deeply suffer and go under so quickly. Personally it has been difficult too – as you can imagine, luxury sales are basically nonexistent at this time and my salary has fallen to basically non-existent since March. I feel like the world had the rug ripped out from under it with almost no warning. We work closely with economists in our industry since it is the absolute most delicate market (luxury sales = first to fall and last to recover), and a recession was of course due, but nothing to this level. Of course, a devastating pandemic is not something one can predict.

Ugh. Yes. It’s horrible. I pray for everyone and everything I can think of who needs help, every day.

However bad we are all suffering, one thing remains the same – that the world keeps turning, and life goes on. Tomorrow is another day, and if we keep doing the right thing (staying home, supporting first-responders and those in the frontline of tackling this disease) , this too shall pass, and before you know it, normal life and the economy will resume. These times will surely be one that children will read about in history books, but time is not frozen here in this dismal moment forever.

So, what CAN we do, especially in the meantime?

The one thing I am tasking myself with is practicing gratitude.

*I am grateful that my husband, children, and I are home as safe as we can be.
*I am grateful that we have a beautiful new home to pass our time in together… our last home was definitely too small for quarantine, haha!
*I am grateful that we were just able to spend a fantastic week in Disneyland together! Had we planned our vacation less than 2 weeks later it would have been cancelled. It was so much fun and the memories were so great that we talk about it every. single. day. I truly feel the amazing memories we made are contributing to our ability to cope with these terrible times.
*Mostly, I am grateful for my two beautiful girls. Every time I leave my home office, their little silly faces and cheesy smiles are there to greet me. Their joyful laughs and sweet play together fills my heart. It truly is what keeps me going – my love for them is so strong that I know everything will be okay, because I will make it okay for them. I know I will always do everything possible to make this life wonderful for them, and I won’t stop trying for a second.

Disneyland California Adventure 1
We literally had our trip to Disneyland and California Adventure the second week in March, by the last day the virus was really starting to spread in the U.S., and a the week after we returned Disney announced their closures. So grateful we were able to make our trip work and returned healthy.
Disneyland California Adventure family picture
Me and my silly girls in California Adventure in early March before things went crazy.

Well, that’s nice, but where do we go from here?

At this point, all we can do is continue practicing safe and socially appropriate behavior, try to support each other, and stay positive!

Some ideas: make daily gratitude statements. Stay in touch with loved ones via FaceTime. Find a hobby that makes you happy that you can do from home (for me it is cross-stitch!). If you are religious, say a prayer. If your soul needs peace, try meditating. Donate to a cause that needs help if you have the means. If you are struggling financially, research what aid packages are out there to help you and your family. There is no right answer, other than what helps you stay afloat and sane during these crazy times.

So, what do I intend to do?

Of course, I want to blog more. I want to bring you guys fun ideas, recipes, and joy in uncertain times. While everyone in Seattle was out panic-buying toilet paper, we bought bulk flour, sugar, beans, butter, and other kitchen staples. We have been doing max-level scratch cooking – just real simple, wholesome recipes. Back to basics y’all! I have been trying to photograph and video these like crazy so that I can share them with you. Lots of recipes coming in HOT that are easy and delicious comfort foods that are also super affordable to make.

Also, I have been trying to keep my Instagram funny and positive, so if this crappy situation is leaving you in need of humor or relief, head over to AbbeyCo.Seattle and give me a follow! I share more recipes and cooking tips over there, in addition so some random funny shit my family participates in. If you found me on the bloggy and want a follow back, just send me a DM!

Truly, I love you guys. My blog friends are real ones, and I appreciate hearing from all of you. Times will get better. The world and the northwest are here waiting for us to explore, just give them a little more time.

X.O. – Most sincere love being sent,
Abbey Co.

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  1. Beautifully written angel, and I am beyond grateful you’ve got your precious Disney memories with your family to celebrate at this time, I’m so happy you went when you did, and that you were able to enjoy that time. The pictures are gorgeous, there really is no place on Earth like Disney! So magical <3

    Sending my love and light to you at this time, and all the best case scenarios!! Your gratitude list was beautiful to read, thank you.

    Lots of love and light to you,

    can't wait to see your cooking! <3

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