May 2017 Recap!

I have decided to start blogging a recap post at the end of each month, just to touch in on what has been going on! I have been posting so frequently that I don’t want to loose sight of some of my favorite parts of the month… plus, this felt like a fun way to be able to look back on the past 30 days and smile at the great times we have had 🙂

So, spring has been late to arrive in Seattle, but it is finally decided to come around for a visit in May.

Per usual, I kicked off the first weekend of the month with our Friday “Opening Day of Boating” parade through the Montlake Cut. My friends and I took out a Cobalt A25 (25 foot runabout, one of the brands I sell) and we cruised from Bellevue over to Seattle to see all the yachts on the log boom in front of Husky Stadium. This year, opening day happened to fall on Cinco de Mayo, so we sported some sombreros and tossed out “choco tacos” to hungry boaters on the log boom.


My friends and I enjoying Opening Day on a Cobalt A25


Flying our company flag down the Montlake Cut! Go Seattle Boat Co!

Then, that Saturday we zoomed off to Eastern Washington to enjoy a quick little getaway in Chelan! Lake Chelan is a beautiful, glacial-fed lake that is crystal-clear blue all the way to the bottom. We swam in the pool, tasted some wine, and soaked up all the sun possible. We were there a short time, but it was truly needed and we had an absolute blast as a family!

View from our balcony at Campbell’s Resort, Lake Chelan. It is so beautiful, it doesn’t even look real!!


My daughter and I enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Chelan at Siren Song Winery
Wine Tasting at Karma Vineyards!

The weekend after was Mother’s Day, and my husband surprised me not only with a sweet present, but by delaying his business trip by about 10 hours so that he could cook me brunch and spend the day as a family (what a guy!).

Eggs Benny and “Perfect Potatoes” a la my wonderful husband
Apple watch for me on Mother’s Day! I couldn’t believe it!

Since the last weekend of the month was Memorial Day, we enjoyed a little camping trip in Leavenworth, Washington! I haven’t had the chance to blog about it yet, but will soon. We love Leavenworth since the weather is HOT, there is a lot of good food and beer to enjoy, and there is a river to float in with a small beach to lay out on.


We paid the Spirit of America 9-11 Memorial in Cashmere a visit on Memorial Day


A walk with a view of the Wentachee River. It was flowing SO FAST from all the rainfall this spring! It usually is a lot more clear and blue.


My favorite recipes of the month were:

Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe

Simple Apple Chicken Walnut Salad! A perfect dinner for a hot summer day on the patio.

Meatless Mondays – Potato Gnocchi w/Avocado Garlic Cream Sauce

I also hi-lighted some REALLY GREAT wineries to try in Woodinville, Washington! Woodinville is our little wine country in Western Washington, and I don’t think some Seattlites realize how lucky we are to have these killer wineries RIGHT HERE!

Novelty Hill / Januik Wineries, Woodinville – Did someone say wine tasting and bocce?

Mark Ryan Winery Woodinville – A Super Modern and Northwest-y Tasting Room that you MUST TRY!

JM Cellars Woodinville – Beautiful Wines in a Beautiful Setting!

Since we had such a great time in Chelan this month, I have decided to make Lake Chelan my topic of the month for June! Once or twice a week, I plan to share info on some of the best wineries to visit there, where to eat out, and of course, some of my favorite wines to take home.

Thank you all for reading, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the month of June! Summer is upon us, yay!

XO – Abbey Co.

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    1. Thank you! I feel like I am so busy that I forget all the fun stuff I have done so this is even fun for me just to look back on my month. I wrote this up and was like wow, did I really go on TWO weekend trips in May? haha!~

  1. I love the idea of a recap – it makes it easier to catch up when I get behind on the month, and I love seeing lots of good memories in one spot. It’s like a little reminder to look at the positives <3

    I might start this idea for my son – maybe recap his cutest moments, his milestones and my favorite pictures of him, and keep a book of it. It might be something sweet to show him later in life! Thank you for the idea, and thank you for sharing your wonderful month!

      1. I feel the same way – and I want to remember this time, especially, because it goes by so fast. Next thing I know, he will be in high school asking for my car keys! 😩

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