Mid-Summer Check in… can’t believe July is coming to an end!

I know they say time flies, but this year more than others it seems so true. I feel like we have barely been able to do any summer activities so far… I don’t think we have even made it to the beach or out for a picnic and July is almost over! Maybe it is because of the cloudy weather, or possibly because we have two kids in the mix now, but it feels like this season is passing us by in light speed.

The good news is that though it is breezing by fast, we have made some great memories as a family. In June we headed to Lake Chelan for a weekend with friends. We had the most fantastic rental right in the Wapato Point area… probably the closest we have stayed to amenities so far and it was so enjoyable. The downtown areas with restaurants and tasting rooms was less than a 10-minute walk, there was a pool right outside our front door, and other restaurants/wineries really only a 5 minute or so drive. Unfortunately we showed up on the tails of an illness, so we were in bed early most nights, my daughter only able to swim briefly between inhaler puffs, and two friends ended up with pneumonia after contact with us. Oye! We had a good time, but it is debatable if friends will want to join us again next year, haha.

Stunning view from Succession Wines tasting room on the Manson side of Chelan

Later in the month of June my sister-in-law and I surprised our hubbies with a fun day out boating on Lake Washington for Father’s Day! We took the babies out to Andrew’s Bay on a pontoon boat and spent the afternoon floating around, listening to music, snacking and swimming. Just the best kind of lazy boat day! I am sure the guys had fun and both our 8-month-olds did very well on their first boat outing.

Sweet little babes enjoying a day on Lake Washington together!

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I think our biggest success of the summer so far has to be our 4th of July staycation in downtown Bellevue! Honestly hubby and I felt so spoiled and relaxed the next day that I think it might turn into an annual tradition. I wrote about it in this Tuesday’s blog post, but we stayed downtown at the Westin, walked to the downtown Bellevue Park for some fun activities during the day, we swam at the hotel pool, we went out to dinner at Joey, and we watched the fireworks from our hotel room window while eating our cheesecake factory desserts we grabbed to-go on our walk home. It was FANTASTIC and honestly as a parent with two kids living a busy life, it was the most relaxing experience I have had for a holiday so far.

Pool time at the Westin in downtown Bellevue. We had such a fantastic 4th of July staying there!

So, what are some of the fun things you have been up to this summer so far? And do you feel like it is flying by too?

There area few must-do items on my summer bucket list that I need to make sure we squeeze in before it is too late. First of all, Canlis is doing this huge parking lot pig roast every Friday all summer and it looks like THE BEST summer party and I so need in. We will make sure we get a sitter and head down there one Friday night. Also, I would love to squeeze a San Juan Islands trip – we are actually headed to Roche Harbor this weekend! If you look back at my Roche Harbor in pictures post from a few years ago you will understand my excitement. Also, I would love to make it to a concert out on the grass at Chateau St. Michelle. I look at their concert lineups every year and think it sounds so fun but have yet to make it to one! The venue is so close to home for us that it would be a shame to not. Lastly I want to do some epic ice cream eating! I really want to try rolled ice cream, or one of those ice cream parlors that serves in those bubble-style waffle cones. If there is a place in Seattle or Bellevue you can think of that I should hit, let me know! If I can’t fit in an ice cream parlor trip in summer, then I truly am doing something wrong, haha!

Well, I hope all of you are having a fantastic summer and that the weather IMPROVES so we can all enjoy it more! The blessing is that with this rain we are not experiencing wildfires like we have been the past few years, and for that I am grateful.

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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