My Newest Subscription Obsession – “Book of the Month” Club!

I never read for fun, but I always want to.

I have some great stand-byes on my bookshelf that I do pick up now and again, but in general I just never tend to buy books. If I do, my picks never seem to be on, and I am likely to start reading a book but not finish because I just don’t get into it.

I recently decided to do something to about this. In my mind I was second guessing this decision a little… I am a working mom with a job in sales (AKA you don’t just clock out at the end of the day), I have a 2 and a half year-old, write a blog, bake for my blog, etc. etc. etc. How am I going to have enough time for this!?

Well the answer is that I need to have time for this.

I need time to unplug. To get my eyes off a computer/phone screen. To calm my mind and just not think about ‘stuff’ for a second, whether it be work, potty training my toddler, what is for dinner, if we should start pre-school this year, and all the other boring things us 30-somethings let run around our heads all day.

So, I set off to find a better way to find time and motivation to read. If I keep just going to the bookstore hoping to find something, I am sure it will just end up on my shelf unread. I have thought about trying to find a book club, but the obligation of getting there once a month in-person is a little much for me – my work schedule can be overwhelming at times, and I don’t want to be a flake and never show.

That is when I stumbled across this “Book of a Month” subscription. First, I am a sucker for subscriptions these days, being eternally busy and never having much “me time” to go shop. Second, the thought of someone mailing me a book once a month is perfect… it’s not too much coming at me at once, and it gives me a deadline of when to finish by (basically by the time the next book arrives). Lastly, I can save my preferences of what kind of books I like and they give me 4-5 to choose from… much less overwhelming to me than a 3-story book store where I just don’t even know where to start.

So, I decided to give it a try, and my first book arrived in the mail this past week! You get a special trial price ($10 a month for 3 months), shipping is free, and I even got a free tote bag when I signed up! If you are interested in reading more on this club or even subscribing, here is a link to check out.

Well, I read my first book in just 3 DAYS! It was a suspense novel by Fiona Barton called “The Child”. It was a little slow at times, but in general a good read with a fun twist at the end. I am already excited to see what my August choices will be!

I think what I was most pleased about in this was that I found I DID have the time to read, and it felt great. I thought my kid would mind my attention being in a book, but today we sat out on the patio all morning while I read and she played around me, and it was a nice combination. Also, with my history of anxiety, I found reading to be helpful, since focusing on a book for a little while gave me the opportunity to calm my mind and immerse myself in something other than the spiral of worry that anxious minds get caught up in.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation, or just are a book worm and this sounds fun, I suggest giving Book of the Month a try! And for the record, these thoughts are my own, I am not reimbursed by BOTM in any way. Just a new fan!

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  1. This is awesome! I LOVE to read. I would suggest using the Goodreads ap. It gives you great book suggestions based on books you’ve liked. It has given me some GREAT suggestions of books I really enjoyed!

    1. That is such a great suggestion, thank you! I was actually just reading a book on vacation and wishing I knew more authors like this one because I am enjoying it so much. I have never heard of Goodreads before but it sounds like exactly what I was looking for!

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