Sam Choy’s in Kirkland – My Favorite Place to Grub on Poke and Island eats in the Seattle area

When it comes to comfort foods, I think Pacific Islanders do it best. I don’t know if it is the flavors, texture combinations, freshness or what, but Hawaiian cuisine is one of my favorites to grub down on. I love poke and all the ways it can be put together and flavored! With how fresh seafood is on the island, you can’t go wrong, and I love their willingness to pair Mac salad and/or a fried egg with pretty much anything. When we visit Hawaii I seriously Eat. So. Much. But when else am I going to be able to chow down on such fresh and delicious seafood?!

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Well thanks to the amazing foodie life here in the Northwest, when I return home I still have some good Hawaiian grub options, like Sam Choy’s in Kirkland! Sam Choy is a poke and Hawaiian eats chain that has a few locations on the west coast, and their spot on the Kirkland waterfront is luckily nice and close to me. Located immediately downtown behind all the shops on Main Street, parking is abundant and cheap and the shop is easy to get to. They are adjacent to Wow Wow lemonade, so you can grab a fresh squeezed drink then head next door and sip while you wait for your poke order.

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Poke is one of my favorite dishes, so I love the fact that they give you a variety of ways to order it off the menu – you can order it with rice, as a salad, a taco, or a wrap. With rice is my default, but I think the taco version is my favorite. It is layered with a soft shell, hot sauce, a fried wonton shell, coleslaw then the poke and it is so freaking good! The Sam’s Classic and Sam’s Spicy are both excellent choices.

Though I LOVE the poke there, it’s surely not the only good choice! Honestly this menu is hard to pick one thing from, so I like to go with a friend so we can share. Their teriyaki short ribs are bomb dot com. The katsu chicken with rice and Mac salad is so good, and the loco moco is a hell yes and you absolutely need to throw an egg on it! Pictured here I have one order of katsu chicken and one order of ‘Sam’s Spicy’ ahi tacos. I need to come back ASAP to try the spicy salmon ahi, and also to try one of the ‘sushi burrito’ style wraps.

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sam choy poke tacos katsu chicken

I enjoyed lunch on this beautiful sunny day on the patio at Sam’s Kirkland overlooking the waterfront while grubbing on my delicious poke tacos. Life is good!

I noticed that their location is so new that it has not been added to google maps, and when you search for them online their Kirkland address is hard to find. So if you are searching for it, here it is!

52 Lakeshore Plaza, Kirkland WA 98033

Anyone hungry and want to meet me at Sam’s? I won’t say no, haha!

X.O. – Abbey Co.

P.S. – Did you know that Sam Choy has a cookbook? If you want to try to recreate Aloha eats at home, you should check it out! Link in picture below.

Sam Choy’s Aloha Cuisine: Island Cooking at Its Best

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