Happy Mother’s Day Mommas!🌸

I am actually skipping a post today, I just wanted to come on here and wish all my mommy blogger friends a lovely Mother's Day! You are all wonderful! I am very thankful for my daughter who made me a mommy and fills my life with laughter and joy every day! ♥️

Ladies – It’s Time to Quit Bottle Shaming

Breastfeeding is HARD. Who ever let us believe it is easy? This post tells my struggles with breastfeeding, which are normal to have. I was not prepared. A lactation consultant was not able to help us. I eventually switched to exclusively pumping (EP'ing), and then formula when my milk ultimately dried up. Thank goodness someone invented formula so that little babies survive when they have no breast milk to drink! It is time to stop bottle shaming women who are not able to breastfeed.

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