Treasuring Our Mommy & Me Photo Session

You hear parents all the time the say cliche phrase”they grow so fast!”, referencing their children. Before having a child you shrug and laugh, and think about how time feels like it goes fast for you too – kind-of – but also wonder why parents are so dramatic.

Then you have a baby, you blink, and they take their first step. You go to sleep at night, wake up and they are speaking sentences and telling you stories. I can’t explain why it feels this way, but time truly does accelerate after having a child, and watching them grow happens in the blink of an eye.

So, when a local photographer I have worked with in the past posted that she was offering river photo sessions, I instantly had the idea of doing a fun shoot with my daughter! She is two and a half years old… she is at such a fun and sweet stage in life, and our relationship at this exact moment is something I want to remember forever.

There is something so precious about the bond a mother has with her daughter at this age. We snuggle each other on the couch every day. Most nights, we both fall asleep cuddled in bed with her head on my shoulder. She tells me in her little baby voice when my nails are chipped and need more polish, and she also tells me when my outfit is ‘beautiful’ too. It all is so sweet, but sadly, will of course not last forever.

Slowly over time, I know she won’t need me as much. She will no longer be a toddler but a kid, and will be able to dress herself and brush her own hair. She will get even older, make more friends, be busy with school and hobbies, get a car, go to college, and one day, have her own baby to snuggle.

And on those days where I feel lonely and miss snuggling my own little baby, I can look at these pictures and smile at this memory. I will remember holding her tiny hand while we stepped across the rocks on the river bed. I will hear her little laugh as we toss stones into the current. I will remember how much she treasured her little stuffed puppy tucked under her arm, and after the photos when she asked if we could stay and play in the river as the sun set.

So in short, let someone snap a shutter of you and your baby together. The memories of them so small are priceless, and something that you will treasure forever!

Photo Credit and thanks go to Tara Quinn Photography

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My dress was the “enchanted evening dress” from Lulus

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  1. Gorgeous photos! My boy is too restless, he would never stay still for a photoshoot. I’m surprised our last one came out so well but we didn’t get many photos out of it, but I love the memories the photos bring! 🙂

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