1 Year Blogging Anniversary!

As I was looking back at old posts I realized that this month last year, I started my blog! I also looked at my follower ticker and saw I am at 995 followers, so I am sure I will click over to 1,000 this month!

To celebrate, I thought I would re-share some of my first few posts, which are actually some of my favorites!

Thank you all for joining the Abbey Co. following… this is such a fun hobby for me, and I am truly thankful for every connection I have made along the way in my blogging journey. Though I am still small, I have some big ambitions for my blog down the road and love that you have joined me.

To celebrate reaching 1,000 followers I have a super fun and easy giveaway planned that I will kick off in November. Stay tuned!

Now, on to some of my favorite blog posts from the past year….

Planning a Seattle wedding – some of our favorite vendors! (I think I love this one especially for the sake of looking at old wedding pictures 🙂 This was one of my first posts and I don’t think it circulated much so hopefully it is a new and fun read for you!

Planning a Seattle Wedding? Here are Some Vendors I Suggest Checking Out!


This Irish Soda Bread Recipe was great and did well too – I am quite happy with my photography too! 🙂 Be sure to pin this one if you haven’t yet… St. Patty’s Day will be here before you know it!

Making Irish Soda Bread when you are out of Buttermilk


My favorite recipe I blogged has to be this bacon & scallops one… when I attempted to think of what my best recipe was, all I could think of this one. The heavy cream and overload of bacon should allow you to guess that it isn’t my healthiest one, but I do love it! Pan Seared Scallops in a Bacon Cream Sauce


Lastly, I thought I should pay homage to my top-producing post! This isn’t necessarily my favorite, but it seems to have done really well this summer with SEO during Mariner’s Season. I thought it was a helpful post when I wrote it, so I was glad to see that other Seattleites thought the same! Tips for Attending Baby’s First Seattle Mariners Game


What would be an Abbey Co. post without sharing at least ONE recipe?! So the recipe I am choosing as my best over the past year isn’t the most decadent cake, or most special pie, it is the cut-out cookie recipe that I use absolutely ALL THE TIME! It is in my post for these super fun EKG cookies, but I would absolutely pin it and save it, because you can make the dough in the food processor in about 10 seconds, so easy guys! Royal icing of course is one of my favorites to play with, I just love how cookies turn out using it.


So, are you new to following me, or have you been with me the whole time? Was there are recipe of mine you have tried so far and liked? I would love to hear about it if so! I have lots of baking recipes I think are great but couldn’t possibly re-share all of them, so if you are curious, just click on the ‘baking and sweets’ tab on the right!

This coming year, I hope to grow lots and switch to self-hosted, but will stay true to the same kinds of content that I love writing about! Recipes, restaurant reviews, DIY projects, beauty, and of course my wonderful city here in Seattle are some of my favorites and will remain frequent topics. If you have any input, by ears are open and I would love to hear it!

Love you all!

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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      1. I do too! The other day I mentioned to a colleague that I bake most nights and she was shocked lol.

    1. Thank you so much! I feel like my progress was small, but I looked back on my goals for this year and I had written I wanted to get to 200 followers, so that put things in perspective for me. Having lots of fun and great to make so many wonderful connections 🙂

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