Bob’s Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze, Snohomish WA

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Visiting the pumpkin patch has always been one of my favorite Halloween traditions. One of those traditions I have never been shameful of… I dragged my husband (then boyfriend) to the pumpkin patch for YEARS before having a child! Well, now we have a toddler who is such a Halloween lover, and it is all the more fun as a family.

Having other friends who are Halloween fanatics, we thought it would be a fun idea to all head to the pumpkin patch together this year! We have tried different ones here and there, but one of the group members got a solid recommendation that Bob’s in Snohomish was THE place to go.

When we pulled in we knew that visiting Bob’s was the right decision, seeing that it was big enough of a deal there was even a sheriff stationed to deal with the level of traffic! This place was ‘popping.

The entertainment factor at Bob’s is high…. I couldn’t believe all the different things they have for you to partake in! Things such as:

  • A large, adult corn maze
  • A smaller kids maze (probably a good idea after that family lost their toddler in one overnight this year – insert eye-roll)
  • A fully-enclosed outdoor kids play area with swings, seesaws, a sandbox, and slides!
  • A country store with tons of homemade and local goodies (YES!)
  • Several food stands including fresh sweet corn, BBQ, and hot fresh pumpkin and cider doughnuts!
  • An apple cannon
  • A seriously huge pumpkin patch where you can pick your own
  • Tractor rides

The list goes on! I think my favorite thing I saw was little private areas in the corn stalks where you could rent and host parties! What a seriously cute place to have a child’s fall birthday, outside in the middle of a corn maze. In the adult corn maze there are rent-able fire pits too, that they tend for you and you can have private parties at night, fun! Snuggling up around a fire in the middle of fall with a blanket sounds like a blast if you ask me.

As a parent to a toddler, let me tell you how awesome the kids area was, because it was fully fenced in! I can’t tell you how stressful it is to go to these kinds of places and always have to worry about my kid darting off in an odd direction in front of a tractor or something. We spent at least half our time in here playing alone.

This place is seriously awesome, but being so busy, I have a few do’s and don’ts that we figured out quickly that day.

When Visiting Bob’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm, DO:

  • Spend the day! Between all the activities and food, there is plenty to do… this is not just a come and grab a pumpkin kind of place.
  • Pay for the ticket that gets you into all the stuff. If you don’t that FOMO will get ‘ya! Besides, you know you really want to fire that apple cannon 😉
  • Designate a person to stand in line for doughnuts. Yes the line is that crazy, and yes they are that good. If you are attending as a family, I would have one person take the kids to go run in the kid area, and the other parent can wait in the doughnut line.
  • Go on a week day! The weekend was so busy that I was sure I would come back another time with just my daughter so we could play and shop in the country store without it being so crazy.


  • Arrive late. We pulled in around 11am and were directed into their third and last overflow parking lot. Friends arriving around 1pm waited about 45 minutes for a parking spot.
  • Forget your mud boots. And I’m not talking about your super trendy designer boots that every Seattle woman has in her closet, ’cause those puppies will get demolished. This is a real working farm… it is uneven, muddy ground. Be ready to step in holes, puddles, trudge up hills, and get dirty!
Inside the Country Store, look at all those homemade preserves!
My daughter and I posing for a pic with their signature pumpkin
Picture time!
Parenting at its finest… my daughter star-fished out coming down the slides in the kids zone
Country store entrance
Fresh corn, my favorite!
Some of the fun finds inside the store.\
This whole field is the fenced in kids area!
Paying for our pumpkins after some careful selection in the pumpkin patch

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  1. wow–wish we had a pumpkin patch like that here! Looks like your little one had a ball! Love fall– even if it’s a little muted here in southern California, Fun to find your blog!!

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