Halloween Gingerbread Haunted House

I was browsing a Halloween aisle at a store recently and came across this Halloween gingerbread house, and instantly knew this HAD img_3516to happen!

We are big Halloween lovers in our house (all holidays in general) so the invitation to find another way to celebrate and have fun, especially involving food, was a welcome one. I had initially wanted to go big – make all the gingerbread myself and craft my own little spooky house, but then reality set in when I remembered I am a toddler mom who works full time, has a side hustle of a blog and like 100,000 social obligations so in this case, the pre-made kit won me over.

I use Wilton for a lot of my decorating needs… I had shared in a previous post an amazing food coloring mixing kit I picked up from them and have been having a blast with. I tend to trust them with quality, so I didn’t second-guess my decision to pick up this Halloween gingerbread house pre-assembled from them. The kit came with the pre-assembled house, black and purple icing, and a few different bags of candies to decorate with.

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Halloween Haunted Gingerbread House Kit-

My daughter having fun helping pick out candies to decorate with – to be honest my friend and I ended up doing most the decorating, but we had lots of fun!

Well here is our finished product, what do you think? Not bad for two thirty-somethings and a toddler if you ask me! My friend tried to get creative and draw a scary face on the back, but accidentally gave him sad eyebrows instead of scary ones, haha!

What fun Halloween traditions do you have in your house? Anything you love to decorate that our Halloween-loving family should take a crack at too? I would love to see what you guys are working on!

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16 Replies to “Halloween Gingerbread Haunted House”

  1. Looks great! We used their Christmas gingerbread house last year, and it turned out well. It was up until about May, lol.
    We do a few paper decorations (I’m posting about it on Friday, I think), but not much. I”m much more about CHristmas than Halloween!

    1. haha that is funny! I suspect I will have a battle on my hands when it is time to dispose of this one. My daughter is only two and I am concerned I may have gotten her a little too much into Halloween because she is now OBSESSED with it and being scary… no princess costumes in our house!

      1. Oy!! It’ll start to crumble, and then you’ll have to. :/
        It’s okay not to have princess stuff … she may turn to it once Halloween passes, right? It’s kind of neat that she enjoys the “creepy” part of Halloween – and cool that she isn’t scared!

      1. I can imagine, have a 1yo niece and she climbs everything, if you don’t watch her for 1 second she will climb on the top of your head haha

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