Bye Bye Birthday Month! September Recap

September is just my favorite. I love the return of football, I love boots & sweaters, and I love an excuse to get together with friends (my birthday!).

Well, September was a great month of celebrating and enjoying the start of fall, just as I had hoped!

My wonderful husband planned a 2-part birthday celebration for me… a Friday night out in Bellevue at the Lakehouse, a new Jason Wilson restaurant I blogged about earlier in the month. Dinner was absolutely fabulous and I was so excited to have the opportunity to try this fab new venue here in the Northwest!


The second part was a golf outing at a course in Redmond Called “Willows Run”. They have these crazy modern golf carts called “golf boards” which is basically a surf board with wheels that you ride around the course… they were crazy fun!

Well, looking back I guess we may have celebrated three times, with a little family date out to the Seattle Aquarium and Molly Moons. We had such a fun time watching the playful otters and seals, and my daughter even took a sweet little purple one she named “Pearl” home.


Sticking with the ‘birthday month’ theme, I also blogged a few of my favorite sweets! These Reese’s Pieces Cookies and One-Bowl Brownies are both fabulous recipes and I would suggest pinning them if you haven’t already!


I blogged my fall bucket list, and am super excited for all the fun things we have ahead of us! I absolutely love fall, decorating, baking, holidays… all the great things that come around this time of year! I am going to apologize in advance if you aren’t a fall lover like me, because there are just tons of fall (Halloween especially) posts coming your way!

I have been thinking about other topics I want to blog about moving forward, and one big one that keeps coming to mind is sustainable living. As a parent, I think a lot about the world that we are leaving for our children and I am committing us as a family to work harder to reduce our waste and improve the impact we have on the planet. As a family I feel like we put out SO MUCH waste – packaging on kid toys, one-use decorations for parties, individually packaged foods… the list goes on forever! So, know that you will be seeing more regular posts on what we are doing as a family to become more sustainable and reduce unnecessary waste.

Lastly, I have some big news for October! I will be a little off the grid the first half of October, as I will be taking a class to get my “6-Pack” Captain’s license! This is something I am doing for work (here is a little about my job if you don’t know what I do), it basically makes me a captain licensed with the United States Coast Guard on recreational vessels up to 100 tons operated in inland waters. From there, I can upgrade to my Master’s license, which allows me to operate up to 100 tons with unlimited passenger capacity. I am VERY excited to take this course, I expect to learn so much! This however may affect my ability to respond to your comments, so if I am slow please don’t hold it against me 🙂

Well, how was September for all of you? And are you a fall lover like me? I am excited to hear what everyone else has planned too!

X.O. – Abbey Co.

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  1. Yes, I adore fall (and Molly Moons too). Your work sounds really interesting! This may be unpopular, but I am sort of looking forward to cloudy skies again…

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