March 2019 Recap

It has been a fun first month back on the blog, so thank you to everyone who is reading and catching back up with me! I hope to be able to find a little more time to be interactive on here, but I will take what I can get. I do have a newborn baby at home, so let’s be realistic 🙂

Photo Feb 26, 3 25 46 PM

In addition to getting back into the swing of blogging, I feel like I am still getting a handle on being a mommy of two and balancing my work and home life. With a big event we hosted at work mid-month that left me without a day off, I basically spent the whole month working then catching up on baby snuggles and sleep! We are so happy having a sweet little baby at home to share our family time with and though I am tired, it has been great.


(Below a fun video of my coworkers and I playing out on the lake before our event started – just a few boats on display 😉

As I am blogging more I am realizing there is one thing I am missing a lot – recipes! It has been so hard to balance time to cook blog-worthy recipes on top of everything else I have going on. On top of that I have been trying so hard to tackle the last few pounds of this baby weight I have left (and even more pre-baby weight, haha) so I have been eating lots of really boring rabbit food… I’m guessing my bowl of strawberries or Special K aren’t blog-worthy. Sharing recipes was honestly one of my favorite things to do on my blog, so I am making a commitment to not cut them out entirely! I figure baking one or two treats a month can’t hurt, and besides, I know my hubby and co-workers sure don’t mind when I have baked goods to share 🙂

Lastly, I can’t say that March was ALL work and no play – one really fun thing we did for the first time as a family was run the St. Patty’s Dash in downtown Seattle on Saint Patrick’s Day! It was the first time attending a race for both kiddos, and they had a fun little 1K route for children her age to participate in. My 4-year-old had an absolute BLAST and just soaked up the attention from the route volunteers cheering her on along the way. When she crossed the finish line she was so proud of herself, it was quite adorable. The Seattle Center was bustling with St. Patty’s activities so we spent the majority of our morning down there checking out different vendors while enjoying the music and the sunshine.

Photo Mar 17, 8 00 19 AM
My daughter and her lovey both very festive and ready for the St. Patty’s Dash

Well, that’s a wrap folks! I am so excited that spring is officially here and that I get to share it with my little family of 4 and all of you.

X.O. – Abbey Co


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