Mommy-Daughter Day at Golden Gardens Park in Ballard, WA

I have really been missing summer and sunshine lately… I was going through old pictures on my cell from last summer and came across these, and now I am extra missing it!

If you are from the city, you surely know that Golden Gardens is one of the best parks in Seattle, located just outside of the Ballard Locks. There is SAND there, a rarity on beaches in the PNW, plus a ton of amenities such as sand volleyball, fire pits, playgrounds, walking trails, docks to fish off, places to grab a quick bite or ice cream, and of course beautiful views of the Puget Sound and boats passing by.

Being so beautiful, it often is a little too busy on weekends during the summer – finding parking can be almost impossible.

Well, I had lucked out this early summer day, since weather hit about 80 degrees on a Tuesday. I work in sales, so I always work Saturdays, and in-turn have a Monday or Tuesday off.

My daughter and I also are movers. We like to be out and about, and there was no way were were spending this gorgeous Tuesday insid! I decided to throw our bathing suits and sun block on and head out to the beach 🙂

We found a shady spot under some trees with a great view of the water (and a perfect salty breeze) and camped out for a little veggie lunch. I think she was about 14 months at the time. After, we went and dipped our toes into the Puget Sound which was freezing, but that day was a welcome way to cool off. We ended our day out with a little walk down to the pier where we grabbed a soft ice cream cone to share.

With or without kids, it was a great day to spend time outside and relax on a warm Tuesday! Sigh… I can’t wait for summer to come back!!



Snacking in the shade… oh how I miss summer. And those chubby little baby legs!
Beautiful day at the beach!


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