Seven Hills Winery – A Must Visit When in Walla Walla 


Seven Hills Winery was first on my list of wineries to visit in Walla Walla, and we loved it so much that I was just itching to write about once we got home! They are one of the longer-established and more well respected wineries in the area, and feature “Bordeaux inspired varietals” using Walla Walla and Red Valley grapes.

Walking in without even trying the wine, I knew this place was for me. The building is historic beautiful exposed brick, and when you enter there is a very airy and sophisticated feel… I think it comes from the high white ceilings and modern-style decor inside an old brick building. The white exposed beams up high, large elegant windows ushering in natural light, and beautiful hardwood floors under your feet bring the place together from top to bottom.

We visited on a busy day, but still were easily able to find a seat at a table and were greeted instantly. We had our toddler with us who was ready for snack time, and set straight out making a disastrous spread of fruits across the table… for which I apologized but none of the staff were bothered in the slightest. Refreshing for us, since we have been to wineries where we thought a quick tasting with a kid to be harmless, but the sideways glances from staff suggested otherwise.

Bordeaux style is a very accurate explanation for their wines. I am more on a white wine kick at the moment (slightly embarrassed to admit that, especially living on the west coast) and tried the Rose and Pinot Gris and found them to be both very well-balanced and pleasant, citrus-y sipping wines. The kind that remind you of sitting on a patio in the sun on a hot summer day. The reds were perfectly structured, with the Cab Sav as our favorite. Strong berry flavors and tannins made this wine something you could sneak into a Napa lineup and non one would know the difference.

The staff were amazing too! The girl we were tasting with was extremely knowledgeable (I believe her name was Danielle). This was our first stop and we asked her where we should head next. Instead of just handing us a map, she sat down at the table with us and gave us some insider opinions on the best places to try based on our preferences. Her recommendations were spot on, and really set the pace for a perfect visit while in Napa.

Seven Hills has solidified their spot on our list as a “must try” while in Walla Walla, and we will be sure to pay them a visit next time we are in town!

Seven Hills Winery Website

212 N. 3rd Ave., Walla Walla, WA 99362

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  1. The building looks beautiful. I have never been to a winery, but am starting to dabble in making my own. I do want to tour some of the wineries here in Canada, and if I ever get my passport I will definitely tour the one in Walla Walla. It’s good they are kid-friendly; not many establishments like that are. I’m glad you had a good experience. 😀

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